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I bought the Sanyo Xacti CG6 recently and really like the combination of still photo and video. And the MPEG-4 video helps keep the file sizes down.

I have found that not all software will play the video properly, mainly having trouble with the audio. VLC doesn't have any problems of course, but my main photo organiser is Acdsee 9 and that won't play the sound at all. I presume it is because the audio is in AAC-LC format. Is there any way to plug in an additional codec or something for it to play the audio properly?

I also have a problem with my D-Link DSM-520 Media Player. It's great that I can plug the Xacti straight into it via the USB port and look at photos and videos straight away. Trouble is, it has audio problems as well! It does start to play the audio correctly put then it stops. I can sqeeze more audio out of it sometimes by pausing and playing.
Yes, I can play the videos properly using a media server but it would be great to have the instant satisfaction of watching them straight from the camera. Is there anything I can do to solve this or is it too hard as it's the hardware that's the problem? Has anyone else used the Xacti with the DSM-520?


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You would be better posting this in the Sanyo forum where all the Xacti users hang out, to get a better response.

I have the Sanyo C40 but I am happy using VLC player so it doesn't bother me.

As to the problem with your media player,
I notice in the specs for the DSM-520 that it doesn't list the AAC codec so unless they produce a firmware upgrade that includes it, you are out of luck. Of course you can simply convert the videos but it seems you want to be able to play them straight off the camera.
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Thanks for the reply (in the right section :-))

Yes, I'm not hopeful getting the D-Link working. I think it's unlikely they'll release another firmware update for it but I'm always hopeful.

I'll have to ask Acdsee is they're going to support AAC. (Good softwarte apart from this)
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martinh, you could install an AAC codec, which would enable most media playing software to support it. For example, there is the CoreAAC codec, or just install a codec package like the open source ffdshow(or tryouts).

For your D-Link mMedia player, it's not so easy to add codecs to it. So you could simply convert your MP4 files to AVI files using graywolf2004's open sourceMP4Cam2Avi. It will transfer the video from the MP4 container to an AVI container and allow you to also convert the audio to MP3. Try it, it's easy and fast.
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