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I did some shooting the other night with my Fenix L0P flashlight.

This is a tiny flashlight I carry in my pocket in case we have an earthquake. Because it has a small reflector it is not very focused, and, with the C6 in telephoto, gave a well-illuminated image at 400ASA. I left color temperature in the C6 at daylight, and the image was pretty close to balanced.

I spent far too much money on this flashlight when I bought it, and it has come in handy a few times. But I hardly expect anybody to go out and spend the $35 or so that I paid for mine. It is a high-tech executive toy, I guess. But it does work well in conjunction with a C6 in total darkness, and so I thought you might like to know.

ps: I just measured the beam center intensity at 15-20 Lux, at a distance of 10 ft (I like a little hard data, for comparison):-) So you wouldn't want to be shooting at much greater distance than that. Oh - the L0P AAA battery lasts just under an hour when putting out that amount of light

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Just thought I'd come back and update this thread with my personal experience. I tried the C6 in low light situations and was very disappointed. I bought a LED flashlight and just thought the beam of light was way to focused for photo taking. Not to mention the tedious effort to mess with it.

All in all, I've tried and tried to really like the C6 but it simply can't produce even mediocre photos in low light or even moderate light conditions.

I'm boxing mine back up and auctioning it off.
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