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OK last post for a while!! I think i have narrowed down my choices to the C6 or the Sony M1 or M2 (Right now I am leanign toward the C6 because I have SD cards already, and I readthat Sony changes their memory cards from time to time). Since all of you are amazing and know all the ins and outs of these cameras I am asking for help in picking one. So maybe you could give the pros and cons?? I am doing research on the web, but you never know who writes the reviews. And anyway, I would like to hear from people "using" the camera instead of those trying to "sell" the camera. Thanks ahead of time!!!

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Sony DSC-M2 has improved video and superior still picture quality (love that Zeiss lens!):


Sample movie looks very clean, but not much different from the Xacti C6 in similar bright clear day condition.

Don't know about indoor/ poor light condition performance though, but Sony CCD is supposed to be good at this??
(Steve made an excellent indoor clip in his Xacti C6 test; I also prove that there is dramatic improvement of the indoor lighting performance from the C4 to the C6).

The price is also similar to the C6.

However, the CONS are still the same -



(3) Much bigger than the Xacti (including the HD1)

(1) & (2) are the reasons why I never buy Sony, even though their products are sometimes very tempting - their competition always offer similar things, just give it some time. Anyway too late, I bought my C6 already!

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Old Feb 16, 2006, 4:30 PM   #3
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I browsed the review and I see M2 to be very close to c6. The image quality is identical, except in c6 you can set manual white balance. M2 is bigger and not that sexy. Sanyo is using 3x3 pixel matrix for video. Sony CCD is not big enough for that, so I suspect low-light video performance will trail c6. Zoom is less. I don't know about anti-shake.

In general, c6 looks better.
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Old Feb 28, 2006, 5:50 PM   #4
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Im new to this but Itoo have been looking for a hybrid camera and narrowed it down to the Sanyo VPC-C6 vs. Sony DSC-M2. I really like the Sanyo, but I dont have one. Although performances are the same I looked into different factors such as warranty. If you look at the Sony on ritzcamera.com you will noticethat you can buy an optional extended warranty for this camera which is fool proof. You can literally take a sledge hammer to your camera infront of them and they will replace it. The cost of this warranty for 1 year costs $78 dollars. Because ritz does not carry the Sanyo camera this alone has made me lean towards buying the Sony eventhough memory cards are more expensive. Hope this helps
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Old Mar 2, 2006, 1:50 PM   #5
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Just buy the Sanyo with your gold credit card and you should get DOUBLE the warranty should it be stolen or defective. I looked into the M2 but hate memory sticks as they are mega bucks...plus everything I use is a SD card....just more universal noadays. There IS a reason why Samsung is NOW jumping onto the SD card bandwagon and ditching the sony memory sticks with their new SCX205L and SCX210L camcorder. Also the new sony Vios laptops come with BOTH memory stick and SD card slots instead of just memory sticks!
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Old Mar 2, 2006, 5:30 PM   #6
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J&R is selling C6 with 3-year warranty for additional $25
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