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Just got my new C6 today and I love it except that I am experiencing the all-too-common dead/stuck pixel problem. What's odd is that my stuck pixel (I assume it's stuck because it's always bright red) is much more noticable when stabiliztion is set to Video (A mode). When it's set to Photo (B mode) or off entirely, the pixel looks much smaller and dimmer, though still visible.

Does anyone have any explanation for this? I thought perhaps what was happening is the stabilization was effectively moving the image around, "smearing" the dead pixel and making it look bigger. But when I leave the lens cap on the same thing happens.

Also, if I exchange this am I likely to get an even worse model? The pixel is in a relatively unobstusive spot near the corner, so I'm thinking maybe I should try to live with it. Seems like this just goes with the territory for this camera.
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I think your problem is the same as mine, a stuck pixel which is always there, light or dark, lens cap on or off (less noticeable in good light because it gets blurred out by surrounding "lit up" pixels).

I also find switching image stabilization OFF helps making the stuck pixel less noticeable - I think the IS tries to resist movements in the scene, but unintentionally doing the opposite to the stuck pixel which is always in the same position on the screen (CCD): as the subject's movement is "stabilized" by electronically shifting the image slightly to unblur it, the position of the stationary stuck pixel gets "moved". You will notice the stuck pixel leaves a tail (or "dances across the screen") when you pan (sweep from one side to another) the camera.

When the IS is off, you don't see the "dancing" stuck pixel. In fact unless you know where to look, you may not even see it in video. Another interesting observation reported by another user recently (who did very technical and objective tests on the C6) is that you don't see the stuck pixel in every frame - this is probably because of the MPEG-4 video compression "averaging" out the pixel, since MPEG-4 compression uses keyframes at intervals to construct other subsequent frames by some sort of interpolation/ projection. This also indirectly helps.

Many users have reported getting a replacement camera with similar "bad" pixels in exchange. My first C6 has a stuck pixel in the middle. The exchanged camera is fine, but eventually develop a stuck pixel at the corner after a few months (not noticeable when it is bright). I just live with it. You can "fix" the stuck pixel by video editing with reasonably good result, but it is time, labor and expertise intensive, and takes a lot of trial and error to get it right.
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