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Do you believe you are getting $125 to325 more value when comparing either the:

Sanyo Xacti VPC-HD1000B ($400 @ Broadway Photo)

or the

SanyoXacti VPC-HD2000 ($600 @ Broadway Photo)

with the

Aiptek GVS HD 1080p from Aiptek USA at about $275 w/ extra battery and shipping.

If so, please explain where you see the value differences so a newbie can grasp it. I see in the write ups that the Xacti is viewed as pricy by many reviewers for what you get, but when I look at Sony or Canon cameras they seem to be even more expensive.

This first camcorder purchase feels fraught with peril no matter which way I go. :?

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you should be slapt for this question "Do you believe you are getting $125 to325 more value when comparing either the"

YOU GET FOR WHAT YOU PAY! i just looked at some samples. they are terrible!

1. you get lots of wobble, lots of shaking, lots of artifacts...it is junk
2. it is not true 1080p. it records at 1440x1080p
3. it sucks
4. You need a super fast graphics card and up-to-date PC(not laptop) hardware just to run the HD content. 720p runs fine but [email protected] is a killer. NO current software is optimized enough to run the H.264 codec so converting to xvid is a recommended choice(keep original mp4 files please) for viewing after converting on a pc of average spec.
average i mean
amd 6400
2gb ram ddr800
3gb/sec s-ata 1 terabyte drives.

For xacti, you don't get the 'wobble effect" when paning, shake is reduced and left with better quality video. The video is fluid, smooth, lively colors, it makes you eyes watery because it is beautiful and not only that, I have a HP 2408w monitor which really shows colors. Not all is reduced but you can use virtualdub with deshaker. Overall, you will be very satisfied. It is not good for photography so I bought a fujifilm s2000HD. After setting up my camera, it takes really awsome pictures.

Buy an aiptek if you never owned a high definition recorder because you will be impressed. But if you used an HD recorder with more quality behind it, you will notice the difference and will very much regret it and be in disgust, vomit, hurl, want to see a psychiatrist basically for a checkup!

Sorry for being Sarcastic but I am in a happy mood today! :-) Remember! This is only my opinion....thanks

one last thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Do not ever buy from broadway photo!

besides of what this article explains, sometimes they give you a damaged product, refurbished product, used product. It is written all over the internet.

do a search on broadway photo scam. I was going to buy one from these guys and I did a quick research. Avoid them. Do not ever buy if they where the last people on this planet.

Here is a shot off my fuji. It is an original shot and i had to scale it to fit the screen here because the original is 10megapixle......just showing some love people!

Attached Images
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As Cresho says it is all relative. If you have never used a good quality HD video camera you will certainly like the Aiptek. The only problem will be after you use it for a while you will wish you had spent the extra money for the Sanyo.

A saying that I like is "Price is long forgotten while the Quality lives on."
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I registered on the forum just to reply to this question.

My first HD camera purchase was last summer -- I bought bothAiptek models (the one with fixed zoom and the one with the 3x zoom). I used one or the other of the Aipteks on two weekend trips to Yosemite and Kings Canyon. I was impressed with what I got for the $200 I paid, but ultimately disappointed with many things.

I then ordered the Sanyo HD1000. Let me tell you that this camera blew me away.

The Aiptek produces video that looks like a bunch of still frames displayed one after the other. There is no smoothing between the frames and it's quite rough to watch because of this. The microphone is horrible. It only picks up sound within about 10 feet of it and you have to shout if you're outside that range. The model with the autofocus is also a mess. All in all it givesvery poor results.

The Sanyo, as I mentioned, blew me away. The video is so smooth in comparison, the audio is great, the 10x optical zoom is killer, and due to the large objective lense the low light level performance is really good too.

The menu structure is very extensive yet easy to use and review clips. The battery life is around 2.5 hrs vs. 40 min for the Aiptek. It uses standard lens attachments so I bought a circular polarizer for it. The camera even has the ability to offload the memory card to a portable hard drive!! I used this feature every day on a recent 2 week vacation to Switzerland. The form factor is so comfortable in the hand, especially in comparison to the Aiptek...

I could go on and on. The bottom line is forget the Aiptek. It would be good to give to a 10 year old, but that's about it. Buy the Sanyo.

Of course, I'm not comparing the HD1000 to the cameras costing $300 more, but just to the Aiptek. It's not perfect (the video really needs to be converted before editing, and there's no OIS, but deshaker does a great job at pacifying that), but certainly it blows the Aiptek away in every category.

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I wondered the same thing while researching for my first HD Camcorder a few weeks ago and I chose the Aiptek GVS.

The main reason for this is because of the videos I have seen made with Sanyo and Aiptek. The auto-focus of the Sanyodoes not work very well if at all. The auto-focus of the GVS does work.

I would suggest you go to http://www.vimeo.com/and search for videos made with the cams you are considering and see for yourself.

Also,You can view and edit on a laptop provided it meets the system requirements of the Camcorder/software. I do with no problems,though I did have to purchase a better one.
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