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Hi there,

I'm a happy HD-1000 owner and have taken part of lots of useful information in this forum.

Here is my problem:
During my recent trip to Crimea I mistakingly deleted 3 video files which I would like to restore again. The only files that some undelete softwares detected had 0 bytes in them.

Is there anyone here with a success story on how to restore deleted video files from HD-1000?
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yes it is possible to undelete files from an sd card. you must not use no more of the sd card. you must not plug it into the drive either. not until you get yourself a good software.

in linux, everything is easy and free.


in windows, you must pay a price. they love you!

download the fat or fat32 edition and do a free scan. once you see the files, you know you can recover them. If not, then you cannot. there are other softwares. I, use linux.

this next one I do not recommend since I have never used it, do not know of the seriousness of validity, it is free suposedly.

Im not going to look further.
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Are they on a memory card and do you have a card reader? That's the best way to get them back (using a card reader). If not, see if your camera is recognized as a drive.

I'd suggest that you download and install this software for the operating system you're using (Windows, Mac, Linux). It's free. You'll see a download menu choice on the left side of the main page. Then, just click on the desired operating system to download it.


Use a card reader if possible (and you'll have to make sure the one you use is SDHC compliant if you're using a larger SD card) and select your memory card from the list of media it finds (hard drives, etc.), and give it a place to save the photos to on your hard disk when you are asked Where to Save Recovered Files (it defaults to saving recovered files in subfolders under Photorec, where the software is installed on your hard drive, but you can change it to something else if desired). Note that this product does not retain the original file names (but, you may not care about that), since it ignores the file allocation table entirely.

Don't worry about changing any of the other options. Just leave everything else at the defaults (Partition type of Intel, file types to recover, etc.) and it will try to recover any files that haven't been overwritten yet (and don't try to do anything like take more photos or you may overwrite some of them). It supports the following file types now:


It doesn't care about the file system at all, so any FAT (File Allocation Table) problems won't matter (you deleted the files, corrupted FAT, etc.)

Here's a page showing you how to use this software:


There are some other free programs around that do a pretty good job in most cases., too. Here's one example (and it also has a nice Graphical User Interface). I usually prefer photorec. But, if you're not comfortable with a text based interface, you may want to try this one first instead.


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Old Aug 31, 2008, 3:44 AM   #4
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Thanks Cresho and Jim,

I have tried the following software without success:

- Runtime GetDataBack
- Sandisk Rescue Pro
- PC Inspector Smart Recovery
- CGsecurity PhotoRec
- Final Recovery
- Magic Uneraser

I use the SD card reader inbuilt on my laptop with the Windows update for SDHC.

PC Inspector's Smart Recovery actually mentioned that the deleted files could be zeroed out by the Xacti which seems to me the case - once you delete a video or picture with the Xacti, it will be lost forever. I just tried with one picture, deleted it and immediately tried restoring it but without success.
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Old Oct 3, 2008, 3:35 AM   #5
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There is recovery software to undelete the deleted data. You can try them. I have used a good software Stellar phoenix photo recovery software which recovered audio and video files from my memory car. You can also try this from here: http://www.*************************.com
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Old Oct 5, 2008, 9:16 PM   #6
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Hi, I have tried this PhotoRec and successfully recover deleted videos (.mp4). However, the recovered videos are without sound. Anyone have similar experience?

I recovered them from SDHC (8G) card. Moreover, there are also other .mp4 files recovered, with 32K bytes each. The no. of such files are the same as the "video" files recovered. However all this files cannot be played.

Any ideas?

Moreover, anyone successfully recover Sanyo MP4 using Stellar Phoenix software or RestoreMyfiles software? Their trial only do search. Although they found files, I am not sure if it is also just video without sound. I do not want to pay for something unsuccessful.

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Old Oct 5, 2008, 10:28 PM   #7
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Sorry, the software should be RecoverMyfiles, not RestoreMyfiles. Thanks.
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Old Oct 29, 2008, 10:29 PM   #8
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I was able to recover all my deleted files intact and all the right file sizes, but the .mp4 videos will not play anymore. The files are not damaged, they were just erased and then recovered without any further recording to the SD card they came off of. The is something special about these videos, I assume it is the container. I can play .mpg, .avi, .mov, etc. after I erase and recover them, except the .mp4 videos. I can convert .mp4 videos to DivX or XviD, erase those and recover them and they will play fine. I have looked everywhere to solve this problem and get these videos back, but to no avail. Anyone with information that can help me, I want to here form you. Thanks.
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Old Mar 27, 2009, 6:01 AM   #9
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You can use photo recovery software to recover your photos.

Do not take pictures again with your camera before you recover your photo as it will overwrite your lost photos.

Asoftech Photo Recovery is developed for this purpose. You can download a copy from
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Free and has recovered a lot of files for me.

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