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I was putting my Christmas videos on a DVD today and showed them on my HD TV first. Must admit once again that I was surprised at the quality of this little camera. I had a brief flirtation with the HD 700. It was okay but I felt it was no improvement over the CG 65. It went back. My Christmas CG 65 videos were indoors in a normally lit room and they were very good in my opinion. Certainly as good as any videos I've taken, even with dedicated camcorders in past years.

The CG 65 is one of Sanyos finest accomplishments, I feel. Other camera forums don't have much interest in Sanyo and many of their offerings never even get reviewed. The Amazon users are the best source for reviews, in addition to this forum, of course.

Another significant Sanyo innovation was the Eneloop rechargeable batteries. I gave all my other AAs away after using Eneloops. They are great.

Thank you, Sanyo, for your contribution to digital photography and especially for making hybrids smaller and better. I doubt if I have bought my last one of your offerings.

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Sanyo's M9998 ghetto blaster, sold in 1979, was one of the best boom boxes ever made, and are listed in the top 10 most desirable by people who collect vintage ghetto blasters. Just thought you'd enjoy knowing that.
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Another Sanyo innovation that has received insufficient attention is their pioneering of a 720p/60 mode in the Xacti HD1000. To get 60 frame-per-second HD recording in any other camcorder, you have to pay from $2,500 up into the tens of thousands.

It's frustrating that the camcorder 'megapixel race' has convinced so many that 1080p is the only high definition format worth having. For most motion videography -- even home users making videos of their kids playing soccer, dancing, bicycling -- 60 frames per second will give better apparent image quality than a more detailed but jerky image at only 30 frames per second.

Thank you, Sanyo, for implementing the sweet spot of the HD format, that no other consumer camcorder manufacturer will touch with a ten-foot pole.
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