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vshutterbug Oct 8, 2005 2:40 PM

Just picked up the Sanyo xacti VPC-C5 and am really happy with it. Thanks for the great review here Steve!

I'm having trouble with keeping certain photos in focus, without the motion blur caused by even the slightest hand motion. In the past when using my Sony digital cameras (FD83/81), only harsh movements caused blurring, otherwise they normally compensated for slight hand motion and came out clear.

I have the settings on total range auto focus, either normal or portrait mode and multi spot focus on.

Seems like the outdoor and good light objects do well and are clear, it's usually when I'm indoors shooting in normal indoor daylight without a flash that the blurring occurs (even when holding the camera very still with 2 hands).

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps I have one of the settings wrong. Thanks much for any thoughts!


steve Oct 10, 2005 7:20 PM

Without using the flash the camera is selecting a slower shutter speed than you can hand-hold without blur. This isn't a "problem" so to speak it is just simple camera mechanics -- not enough light = slow shutter speed without flash.

Get more light, use the flash or sit the camera on a tripod and use the self-timer.

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