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Anyone - I just purchase a Sanyo VPC C6 - I'm a DJ - at times I like to be able to record the crowd - I am finding that the VPC C6 doesnt record very well in low light - Does anyonehave any suggestions - I saw the thread for Camarabright which sounds ok, But does Sanyo have or will be coming out with a model that will have a built-in light unit - or is thier a better unit by another maker -open to any suggestions.

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From my reading, I feel confident stating that Sanyo Xacti C-6 has all other brands of MP4 cams beat for low light performance. It is the first generation of what-is-it called-- nine-pixel mixing? Anyways, it represents an improvement over the c-4 low light performance.
The thing is-- about any camera with a larger aperature should give better low light performance.

Panasonic has what looks like a very nice compact 3-chip model that records to an SD card like the Xacti, so for the money it might compete with the HD Xacti's for low light performance. You might like that the Xacti HD model has a stereo input jack for capturing your sound mix. The Panasonic might have that too. Panasonic model is MP2 video instead of MP4, which can burn right to a DVD Video Disk. The HD resolution possibilities of the HD Xacti models might provide similar low-light performance to compete with Panasonics 3 CCD offering.. I'm guessing the Xacti HDs have better overall still image performance than the Panasonic, if that matters. You should research that Panasonic vs Xacti HD for low light performance. Maybe you can find someone to provide you low-light samples on the Panasonic part of this board.

It's a given that you can't expect better video without more light or a bigger aperature, and both would be preferable. I can't say which particular direction will yield the most benefit -- Camera Bright vs Xacti HD model/Panasonics' SD card3 CCD compact model. Can someone chime in?

Bottom line-- You can find better low light performance in about any Tape based camera, since they tend to be larger and can pack in bigger aperatures and imaging sensors. Funny how you need light for photography, isn't it?

I chose the Xacti C-6 because at the time it represented the best combination of features I needed -- adaquate audio-video performance, adaquate still image capture, and exellent portability. I've come to apreciate the low cost and effort of archiving the compact MP4 files on hard drive and DVD data disk, vs collecting boxes of tapes.
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