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mobiusloop Jul 9, 2007 2:50 PM

After 7 days of ownership, the E1 is being returned.

Compelling reasons for keeping the unit:
- excellent video for MP4
- not too big considering it has a waterproof housing
- ease of use
- reasonably priced considering what it can do

Concern area:

The battery door.
- the battery door has to be opened if you want to use the USB
- the battery door does get in the way when you are accessing files or playing back on the TV
- the high use of the battery door may result in premature waterproof seal failure.

Picayune area:
The pointy camera bottom puts a lot of stress on a shirt pocket.

Reason for returning the unit:
The camera has auditory challenges.
- I tested it with an audio signal program and noted that it was relatively deaf to
frequencies below 350 hz. Also, the microphone is somewhat insensitive.
- Audio output from the camera and videos played on my notebook or TV was very
weak. I had to boost volume and wave to maximum on the notebook. On the TV
normal programs require a volume setting of 10; to hear the audio from the
camera, the setting has to be at least 27. This is an extremely loud setting for a
normal TV program.

Previously recorded clips from the CG6 play with plenty of volume at normal settings on my notebook.

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