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Has anyone purchased anything from warehouse123? I am sure others have asked, but I can't find any customer reviews for them. I want to get the Sanyo CG6, my friend can buy it from Japan for me, but warehouse123 has it for $100 cheaper. i know there are some "e-stores" which pull in people with lower prices. They are the only online store I can find who carry this model.

Any help would be apreciated. Thanks.
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Check them out first at http://www.resellerratings.com

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I decided to sell my C6 and go for a CG6. Warehouse123 recently dropped the price of their CG6 to $348 (plus free accessory kit). I tried to look up some reviews of warehouse123, but it is not listed on resellerratings. A few posters here at Steve's forum reported good experience with this seller though. Therefore I decided to take (another) one for the team. I looked up warehouse123's website - at least they do show their store street address andphone number (well, I know nothing about Hongkong so I can't tell ifthese arefake or not).

My CG6 arrived yesterday from warehouse123 with regular FedEx shipping from Hongkong, five days after I sent in the online order. Thepayment wascleared through a credit card transaction company called ProPay (propay.com). Maybe this and the time difference from Asia, there was a slight delay in the order processing, but this was not a big deal to me because I did not asked for a rush order. I made a mistake in my address during ordering and emailed the correction to them, and I got a reply of acknowledgement within half a day.

The camera arrived in original unopened box inside a well cushioned parcel. Keeping my fingers crossed I haven't seen any "bad pixels" so far!

Overall I find the buying experience smooth and uneventful. At least for this pruchase, I don't think this is one of those "too-good-to-be-true" scammers.

P.S. My apology - resellerratings does have warehouse123 on their list.
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Yes, I had a good experience with Warehouse123 as well.

The important thing is that, nothing particularly bad happened. Well, they had shipped me the wrong CD software so I asked about it via e-mail and they responded quickly, and the software CD showed up a week later & installed okay. So I got the Sanyo software pack,though I never used it, but they did look after that problem.

I actually got the wrong camera, a DMX-C6 as opposed to a VPC-C6. The difference is moot nowthat the warranty has expired, some people have suggested that the DMX actually has a quieter zoom and I can confirm it is essentially "silent". I still have another year of Visa warranty which is the real warranty, as far as I am concerned. I just wanted the cheapie price & I got it!
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Hmm I got the VPC-CG6 not DMX - I guess it doesn't make much difference, since CG6 is not a N Am model, I doubt if Sanyo US will honor any warranty repair. Well I am taking a risk just like my first C4.
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