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Outwardly the appear the same, and their specifications appear the same. I noticed the C1 can be bought used fairly cheaply. Question is, what is the difference. Why would I want a C40 over a C1?
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The C1 is a 3 MP camera whereas the C40 is a 4 MP camera. In fact the C40 specs are very similar to those of the C4, a later model. I think the C1 has decent video in bright light but poor video in dim light, so does the C4 (which I had for some time).

Although the C40 has similar specs to the C4, the major difference from the older series (C1, C4) is that it employs the newer "pixel mix" technology used in other newer models from C6 onwards - the C6 uses a "9 pixel mix" technology, combining the input of 3x3 adjacent pixels to boost the brightness of the image. This only works in the video mode, not on still pictures. I believe the C40 uses "4 pixel mix" (2x2 pixels) technology. Although it is (probably) not as effective as the "9 pixel mix", I believe the light sensitivity is improved in the C40 over the older C1/C4 models.

The C40 also has 60 fps playback function to allow smooth television playback.

I have owned the C4 but not the C1 (which I presume may be worse), and I can tell you the video is definitely brighter and better (smoother and crisper) in the newer models, naturally as technology advances. If you can afford it, you should get the C40, because I am quite sure you will be disappointed with the video quality of the C1/C4, which offsets the low "bargain" price. If you are looking for a used camera, you may consider a C6 instead which is supposed to give better video performance than the C40.
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A point of interest Radio Shack had the C40 on"closeout" for $159 last week. I don't work for them, or know any more about it, but you might want to check that out.
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