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Default What Software will edit the H.264 off the HD 2000?

I'm new to the forum. I recently purchased a Sayno Xacti HD2000 and love the camera. The low light capabilities are great and the HD is incredibile. However, I'm having a horrible time trying to find software that can edit the video taken. What software does everyone else use to edit video from the Xacti cameras that take video in the AVC/h.264?
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I am using PowerDirector 7 ultra at the moment for my HD1010 and it works a treat. Reasonable price and does most things I need.

They have a trial version if you want to give it a go.

I was using Serif's MoviePlusX3 which I liked very much, but it has a few bugs that have to be worked out in the next patch.
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Default Software for Xacti Footage

I have found that the Corel VideoStudio is inexpensive and easy to use. It can edit the movies.

For more expensive, harder to use, but ultimately better software, Premiere Pro works well.

I have also heard the the Sony Vegas software works - but I haven't used that.

What I would like to have, though, is a simple utility that will trim and join clips - like you can do in the camera - without having to render the movie all over again. I'd like to be able to do this on my computer when I don't want to do full-on editing and don't want to re-render. If anyone knows of an easy utility for that, I'd love to hear about it.
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adobe premiere and sony vegas. You should also check on pc/laptop spec. NOt only software but hardware is required as well. It taxes a system hard depending what you are using.

if you want free, use streamclip editor.

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No doubt about it Cresho, you certainly know how to find the neat free programs. I just downloaded and had a little play with Streamclip editor and like it very much.

Thanks mate
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Default edit fh1 hd2000 files

Hi, I buy the FH1 two months ago.

The quality of footage is good for the price, the big problem is the autofocus, too slow in many occasion...

The reasons of this post is the editing. I spent a lot of time for found a solution for editing the 1080 60p files, but I can't find a solution.

Have you any suggestion?

ther'is a program for convert 60p to 60i, so i can edit the files? for now I'm using the 1080 60i resolution because i have also problem to reproduce the files; now only with the pc athlonII x3 720 my family can see the video...

If i find a way to convert the 60p to 60i, I shoot in 60p, for the future, and for now convert all to 60i.

If therisn't a way to convert, i sell the sanyo and buy a canon s200, with better autofocus...

thanks in advance.

p.s. can adjust the title of the thread with hd2000 and fh1 files, is better for google serching...

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Hi Nunzio,

First off I would try shooting in 720p and see if you can edit it. You will need a very powerful computer to just play 1080p 60 frames/sec or 60 fields/sec let alone edit it.

The program I am using, PowerDirector 8 has an option to have the program produce a lower resolution version of your video so your computer can edit the video, then when you render the video the program renders the original file with the instructions from the lower resolution file.

HD video no matter what camera is a pain to work with at the moment because there is no real standard format between camera manufacturers. I would check out the canon forums before you buy one as I have read they also have problems with their rendering format.
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