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Love my camera, now trying to edit in Vegas 7.

OK, why does the video in my preview screen look as if it is a series of still photos rather than a (smooth) video stream?

I am using a Toshiba laptop that many of the Young People will think is too slow, but to me is fast enough.

Pentium R(M) (or M(R), I can't remember).
1.25 gig -- processor speed
1.25 gigs of RAM

I understand that we can always say this is a "slow" system compared to newer systems. However, does anybody know why thousands, no, millions of people have been able to edit miniDV tape at the same resolution (I think) ?X720 ("standard video") using even slower systems and editors such as Adobe Premiere?

Could it be:

- my graphics/video card?
- something about the format of the mp4's generated by the camera? (that "264" thing)?

How should I troubleshoot this, and does anybody else have the same problem?

Thank you (I am able to edit in Vegas but it's very difficult when you can't see the preview. Like trying to bone a chicken in a dark room (or something)).

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Your computer is way too slow to edit comfortably on. For one the processor is a single core and very slow at just over 1ghz. Today's machines are mostly dual-core oreven quad-core.Also, memory should be 2gigs or more. Secondly, laptop hard drive spin slower than desktop hard drives. Laptop drives spin at 5400rpm whereas most desktops are 7200rpm. So the drive is slower at transferring data. Lastly, the video cards on laptops are quite inferior compared to desktop video cards. Laptop video cards are built onto the motherboard and nearly always use the main system memory (called shared memory) rather than having their own dedicated memory. Well, that creates for slower memory read/write times and takes away from system memory as well.

Laptops are great but aren't really meant for serious video and graphic work. Yeah, you still can work on them and many use them exclusively, but there's a performance loss. There are laptops out there with beefed up specs that are much more capable for such tasks but they generally are pretty expensive.

Is the video you're editing 1280x720? Cause if so that's *not* the same quality as standard miniDV camcorders which are something like 720x480 max resolution. So yep the truth is you need a more current day PC to edit and playback comfortably.

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