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bltkmt May 17, 2007 8:38 AM

Caelum wrote:

For burning on DVD, you can use any software that supports MP4 AVC files, I think there should be one included with the CG65, I don't know about other free ones, theremight be some. You can always use Streamclip to convert MP4 to NTSC DV, which most, if not all,DVD writing softwares support. If/when Iget my main PC running again, and I have some time, I might try to put together a comprehensive guide.
Hi, it's me again. I tried using the Ulead software that came with the CG65 to burn a DVD of the movies I have taken. Unfortunatley, after running for over 10 hours, it was still not finished. I imagine it has something to do with converting the video from the native CG65 format. What are other users doing to easily/quickly create DVDs from these files? Should they be converted using some other software first, and then burned?

Please help?

bltkmt May 17, 2007 1:17 PM

Or is 12+ hours the norm for making DVDs from these files?

Setter Dog May 17, 2007 3:16 PM

bltkmt,.....I've mentioned on another thread how I make DVDs but it involves loading the files directly into a DVD recorder/writer. Apparently the DVD writer makes all the necessary conversions since I've blended video from a Canon camcorder, a Canon still A710, and a Sanyo C5.

When Caelum gets up and running again, let's hope he,......or someone else,......posts a comprehensive guide.

12 hours to make a DVD? No thanks,....

vincesd May 21, 2007 8:27 AM

I have to say I was interested in getting a CG-65 to replace my C6, but I must admit the change in format did make me wonder if burn times would go through the roof. All this talk of H.264 being computationally difficult, and you need a bit of a work horse PC to play the files put me off a bit.

I've got so used to my routine of converting to avi using mp4cam2avi, then joining all the videos in ulead movie factory 3 and burning it in a couple of hours or so, I'm loathe to move onto something else that may be a step forward when using the camera, but a huge step back when burning the results.

All the best


bltkmt May 21, 2007 8:33 AM

That's part of my problem...I do not have a routine, as this is my first foray into digital video. Is AVI the preferred format for burning to DVD? When doing the conversion (I will use Super C), what video settings should I use? Once I know how to convert, I can try the burn process again and report back. I am just a bit clueless at this point...

vincesd May 21, 2007 8:50 AM

From my experience of a few pieces of software and different cameras, avi and MPEG seem to be the easiest to use. I used to have a fuji camera years ago, and I converted those avi files to mpeg files, and using the option to not 'convert mpeg compatible files' in Ulead, I was able to burn a disc pretty quickly...the conversion from avi to mpeg was what took the time!

I already had ulead MF3 when I got my C6, so I never installed the version that came with the camera, I just started using mp4cam2avi.

I would be interested to see how quickly the ulead software with the camera could burn mp4 files as opposed to converted avi's ...I don't know if there is an overhead there with the mp4 format?

bltkmt May 21, 2007 8:54 AM

Can AVI files, or MPEG files, be burned directly to a disc and be played on a set-top DVD player?

vincesd May 21, 2007 9:23 AM

I've got a toshiba DVD player that says its divx compatible, and that seems to play a lot of avi and mpeg files I've got onsome CDs of stuff downloaded from the net, but the quality seems to be lower than a properly authored disc. so it can be done, but it depends on your set top player I think.

Caelum May 21, 2007 12:25 PM

Ah yes, video editing and DVD creation, it's not yet so quick and easy. I personally use Sony Vegas 6.0d& DVD Achitect for editing and DVD creation, but I agree they are too high-end / expensive for most people. I knowsome DVD writing sofwares can easily create video DVDs directly from MP4s, like Nero for example. Like I mentioned previously most DVD writing softwares support DV video, so you could easily convert MP4 to NTSC DV using squared5's free Streamclip tooland it will do the necessary resampling (select high quality scaling). Unfortunately I have no experience with the software that was included with the CG65. How much video are you trying to convert to DVD, minutes or hours? Are there any patches available for that software?

Video editing is one of the more demanding PC tasks. Everyone I know who has done video editing for the first time were surprisedby the resource requirements. My father purchased an iMac (G5) over a year ago specifically to do video editing and was shockedby the space and time consumed by this process. He edits DV video from his regular Sony DV camcorder, it takes over 11GB of disk space per hour just to capture the video from his camera, which takes time. So if he's editingdown four hours, the raw footage andthe edited one hourmoviewill consume over 50GB of disk space! Then when he renders from iMovie to iDVD it will often run all night for a one hour film.

At least CG65 files take little space. But rendering to DVD can be fast or slow depending on the quality of the conversion (bilinearor lanczos3 resampling, MPEG-2 encoding quality, etc.). When I render in Vegas 6.0d I typically render in "best" quality,that takes a lot of time but it does a great job of it. And you render only once, after all editing is complete, so it's not that much of an issue.

I have a HTPC (Media PC) laptop in the living room connected to the TV. So I actually do not burn most of my videos on DVD, I simply copythe MP4sonto the media PC and use Media Center (remote control) to view them on demand.

I think Setter Dog's approach of editing in camera, then using a DVD recorder is the easiest and quickest method and makes a lot of sense. The only thing is that is does not allow fancy editing nor does it transfer to DVD using the best possible quality.

By the way the old AVIcontainer does not supportvariable bit-rateAVC/H.264, so MP4Cam2AVI will not work with MP4 files produced by the CG65. The only way you could make an AVI from CG65 footage would be to fully convert the video.

Bob NG May 22, 2007 8:29 AM

Thanks Caelum !!

I just downloaded Streamclip and it looks AMAZING.

I played with it for a few minutes (without reading the documentation) and I was able to cut, join and convert CG-65 clips to DV with ease. I don't fully understand all the technical jargon that's available with the menus, so hopefully someone on this board will create a simple "HOW TO GUIDE" for us novices.

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