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sparkymark Jan 30, 2008 5:15 AM

Hi All

I've been on the forum for a while now reading up on the HD1000. I've had mine now for about a week. Some of these findings or questions may have been answered in the 50 page thread but it's a little difficult to find so I thought it wouldn't harm to start a new one. Try not to flame me!

Findings - Brilliant quality in good light, when filming indoors the quality drops along with the light, and it seems to affect the frame rate as well so when filming at 720 60p some footage is crisp and fluid and some is juttering a little.

It's a shame there is no wide angle as it means another lens is needed to compensate adding to the bulk of the camera. Out of interest, has anybody done a comparison between the cheap ebay wide angle lens you can get and the Sanyo lens to see if the cost justifies

I wish the lens cap attached to the camera some how. Everytime you want to use it, taking off the lens cap and finding somewhere to store it is annoying - only a small annoyance though I must admit

Oh, It didn't occur to me that the camera is made for right handed people, being a leftie has made holding the camera steady a little more difficult although my right handdextricity is improving as a result! So bear a thought before purchasing if your a leftie.

Editing is a bit of aminefield. I've tried Vegas Proand Pinnacle 11 Plus and not had much luck with either, rendering is the main problem. I have acquired Premiere Pro CS3 which I believe is natively compatible with the files, so will be trying that this weekend and let you know how I get on. I think a lot of the problem is simple codec management, trying to ensure the computer is using the right codecs at the right time. I can fluidly play the 1080i footage through standard media player now. My computer is a Dell Athlon 64 5000 with Radeon X1300 (so the video card is lacking somewhat) and 2GB ram. The best I've managed so far, is to do a simple avi convert of the native files using MP4Cam2AVi and then upload to vimeo, although the 24p encode is annoying but still good to show some footage online.

In the larger thread, somebody mentioned a Lowepro case to use for the HD1000, which one was that? I will do a search for myself, but in case anybody reading this wishes to know, It might help to repost.

The picture quality on the stills is great, I guess due to the nice lens, they beat my previous Pentax 7mp, they have a more SLR/professional feel to them.

Perhaps somebody who understands electronics better than myself can answer this, but could a future firmware update add in the pal 25 fps and the much loved high def film 24p?

All in all I'm happy with the camera so far. I'm looking forward to taking the camera out on a sunny day with the tripod, catching some nice footage with the auto focus turned down and then managing to edit together a nice piece to show off. I think ifyou know the limitations, this is a great camera!



Wiz33 Jan 30, 2008 5:25 PM

All your observation is correct but I would gladly accept all of them for the package size advantage. Here's a few simple accessories that might help you overcomes those situations.

For indoor or low light situation:


For the lens cap, see if you can get something like this from a local camera store amd just take the string:

sparkymark Jan 31, 2008 8:06 AM

Thanks for your answer, I played with the manual focus somre more and am happier with the indoor results as it's not focusing all the time. I think for the lens cap, if I can't find one for the correct lens cap size, I may just DIY it myself, It can't be thatdifficult.

I've installed premiere but am still having trouble rendering out. What settings/codec do people use for premiere? The HDV intermediate code people are using to convert the native footage in vegas and then importing into premiere doesn't work for me. I have horrible green marks all over the footage.

If I could just get some footage, edit it, and output in [email protected] I would be a happy man.


weeliano Jan 31, 2008 11:11 AM

Hi Sparkymark, did you try installing FFDshow for MP4? Don't know whether this might solve your problem.

After installing that, you can install VirtualDub to do the conversion to a friendlier format.


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