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stephenbenedict wrote:
1. Can the Xacti Library feature be used with a partitioned hard drive?
I have an old 40Gb hd I use for test purposes.

I created 3 partitions:

1 GUID for intel macintoshes

2 Apple format for PowerPC® processors used in older mac's

3 FAT32 for the Sanyo HD1000 camera.

Connecting the camera to the hd, it found the third partition, which I'd named "SANYO" & copied all the SDHC files over just fine.
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Thanks for you reply. I really appreciate it.
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Hi! everyone, I'm new to this forum.

UP! for this topic as I need help and my problem is:

1- a portable 500 Go hard drive has been partitioned in 2 FAT32 partitions (one 450 Go for the HD1010 Xacti library, 50 for a PC), via my MacIntel; the 2 partitions are properly recognised by the Mac as FAT32 and go up to Mac's desktop;
2-the drive is connected to AC, via its 5 volts output, for external power supply;
3-the drive is connected from its USB plug to the dedicated USB converter cable, via a Y USB cable, one of the 2 branches only being connected (the same cable I usually use for connecting this drive to the Mac, without external power supply, but with the 2 branches connected); I tried also to invert branch;



None of the partition is viewed by the Xacti...

Any idea or help?

Thanks in advance
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first off, drives which become corrupt display this symptom of "not connecting"

get a single cable and plug in your hardrive into a pc. fdisk each partition and fix the problem.

When ejecting, don't pull the plug. You need to mannually eject the drive from your pc software first before removing cable. WHen using the xacti, make sure you power off the device before ejecting it.

use a single cable and verify the problem. Also, it could be one of your usb cables is damaged. also, the wrong partition could of been created. Try using a dedicated single partition since xacti does not have a real window or partition navigator.
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thanks for answering.

1- hard drive is brand new; I wouldn't expect it to be corrupted; the problem exists on Xacti only;
2- new thing has occured since my message : it did was recognised by Xacti, once, then not, then yes again.

I suspect connection problem. Has anyone experienced the same?
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From what I remember you can't use a Y cable. You need to use two seperate cables, one for power and one for USB. I could be wrong here, and if I am someone correct me, but I seem to recall every person I've ever come across trying to use a Y cable had the same problem.

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