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Hi Sven,

It is a small world, Sven !!

Yes indeed Playa Blanca ! A neighbour also remembers the site without skyscapers - it is very built up now. I believe the hotel was called Papagayo Arena - very pleasant stay.

You mention my home village inEngland - and said that the church was still there ! You are not a TV Doctor Who fan , are you ? A classic story of that showwas filmed here and the church ( a model ) was blown up.The story goes that some couples cancelled their weddings at the church believing the actual building had been used in filming !! It is also the place where the US 101 st Airbourne Division was based in WW2 - and it gets a mention in the classic TV series Band of Brothers.

Back to the E6 - lowlight is always a problem with small cams. The flash on the majority is too weak - and too close to the lens causing dust to be illuminated when taking photos. Hence the blue/white circles on the pics !

Frankly the E6 compared well with casios and panasonic compacts I have tried. The Panny was very disapointing ! casios I wouldn't bother with !

Can't wait to play with the E60 ! Which arrives Thursday !
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Hi Little D.,

I was just guessing where this village could be. I thought of southern England....
But it was not written in your profile. The photobucket description helped in this case and wikipedia did the rest (with the blown church..).

... it is a very small internet indeed!

Good luck with your new camera ... and post some pictures!



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E60 arrived ! Very nice - just taken a few sample shots/video to check it is working !! Appears certainly to be as good as the E6. The image stabilizer is an option for movie mode not stills as far as i can see. Flicker reduction is added to the video menu - but has limited appeal according to the instructions ! On board memory now up to 32mb and double that of the E6. Haven't tried the on board red eye correction software but that should be ok.

Physically the E60 and E6are the same apart from an added grip on the front - suggest the guts of both are identical.

I would suggest the E60 is very marginally smaller to the E6 - not that many people would notice ! I have found the E60 cheaper in the UK so look for competitive prices !

My daughter is now angling to swap her E6 for my E60 !! No chance - saying that, they basically are the same ! :|

Suspect Steve and co may not bother with a review of the E60..... does the same thing in pretty much the same way !

Cool !
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