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I think I've fallen off the wagon trying to keep up with all these Sanyo xacti products . I have a C5 which is a pretty good little camcorder. I suspect it is exactly the same video quality as the C40 but I'm not sure. Then, there's the CG6,......which I suppose is different from the C6? Screen size mainly or quality also?

I'm looking forward to Steves review of the CG6 and CG65,.....but am REALLY looking forward to user reviews that will hopefully tell me the things that could be better than my C5, in fact, are.

How is the LCD outdoors in bright sunlight?

How is the autofocus on videos?

Is there still audible noise when zooming in video mode?

In my case, I have no interest in the HD series but I am looking for a reason to upgrade to the CG6, or perhaps the CG65 if someone can tell me the differences besides the video codec on the CG 65.

With Sanyo still having all the models for sale, it's not realistic to expect them to say that one video is better than the other, is it?
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Here's a link to a macro I just took. I think the CG6 did a great job:
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I checked yesterday to look for prices for the Xacti C6 and was planning to order online for my 5 year old daughter's party this Saturday.Was so happy tofind outthat a new model/version came out (CG6)and it's available in Walmart.We have 2 Walmarts within 10 miles my home so i called and checked which ones have them in stock already. I rushed to buy itlast nightand finally got a hold of the CG6.

Indoor stills are fine but i find my old Canon A75 (died out LCD) still taking better and crisp photos. Maybe i can play a little with the functions and see if i can get better stills. Can't wait to test in outdoors.

Indoor video is good, i've used Canon Elura 100 before and was comparing the video qualitytaken to it.

So far so good and will be shooting and testing it more later today after work.
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