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ArizonaVideo wrote:
I installed the supper transcoder from post "Mon Apr 9th, 2007 10:55 pm". (No post # at Staves?) Thanks blighnsight for the link. The transcoder works great and is free.
I assume you mean the Super C transcoder? I am curious as to what settings you used to convert the h.264 video, and to what output format? Was you goal to make a DVD?
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Bltkmt: Yes it was the Super C program.

Link here:

Go to the bottom of the page.

I just used the MPEGII codec and set the bit rate to 5Kb. I was using clip 148.

My main purpose was just to see how it looked when played on the PC and Power DVD uses hardware acceleration so there is no dropped frames. One thing about any re-encoding is all coders are extremely sensitive to noise so a slight bit of noise in the input makes a lot in the output.

The encoder has two main modes direct stream or re-encode. The direct stream did not work from H-264 to MPEGII (which is no surprise because the encoders are so different.)
The encoder has lots of settings but it is a little OT to talk about it here.
It does look like the source clips are 25 fps so you will need to change to 29.97 for NTSC.
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Check this out, just annouced... A waterproof CG65:

One thing I kind of like about it is that I assume it must have something protecting the lens, heh...
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Old May 23, 2007, 1:33 AM   #84
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Hey Caelum! You're smart!

The Sandisk Ultra II was a counterfeid card, I just discovered it 2 days ago !

I got the refund from the seller, i'll be more careful next time !
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NewMP4Cam2AVI with H.264 support is available at this temporary link:


It is on testing, so I didn't upload it to sourceforge yet. But you can download and try it, I added H.264 support and tested it with Sanyo CG65 and Casio EX-V7 clips.

You need the latest FFDShow to watch H.264 video in AVI container. I tried to play target AVI's with windows media player and opened them in VirtualDub,it was OK.

Also,maybethis isthe way to get Sanyo CG65 clips work in video editors with nomov/mp4 support.

But remember that H.264 in avi is a hack and don't delete the source clips, it's easy to convert from mp4\mov to avi, but not so easy vice-versa.
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blindsight wrote:
B&H is a reputable US online seller:

Hi, I am a new member considerering the CG65.

B&H listed price is $359 today plus shipping.

Any body have other pricing info? Also saw a Dan-Elec 4GB SDHC card on BUY.com for $30, best proice I've seen. Any comments, anybody?
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You are going to really like the CG65. I've been practicing with mine and doing a few informal comparisons to my C5. The CG65 is a major improvement in many areas over what was already a pretty good camera.

About the memory cards, I use Sandisk 2GB Ultra 2 since that's what I've used for several years without any problems. With the 2GB I get 1 hr and 22 min of highest quality video. That seems enough to me. One theory is that you are better off with 2 2GB than one 4GB just in case one card goes bad on you.

Your price sounds good. They are available for less from fly by night outfits that you would likely regret working with. You can't believe how dishonest they are. I stick with an authorized dealer.

Enjoy your CG65. It's a fine camera.

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Great review, I bought my CG65 last week after selling my C6 on ebay and I am delighted with the upgrade. After reading the post in this forum I thought I'd add my own 2 cents....

Ulead Videostudio 11 can be used with the h264 files without any problems.

The improvements on the camera are great, the bigger screen is a major advantage. The camera also adjusts its exposure during zooming whereas the C6 only adjusted the exposure when you stopped zooming. This is fantastic as this really p***ed me off with the C6.

The CG65 is a lot easier to hold and the zoom button works better, faster andquieter.

The low light is much better and the lamp mode works very well, its noisy but theres a great 'de snow' and 'de noise' filter in VS11 which cleans it up a lot. I was well impressed!

Autofocus appears to work much better and the macro mode is much improved.

I found the image stabilazition is better too, the C6 did not work as well in my opinion.

The video quality is better, the h264 produces clearer and sharper footage but I would not say its a deal breaker to be honest.

Overall, it cost me about £80 to upgrade, expensive but I think it was worth it to be honest. The low light, bigger screen, image quality and general feel won me over.
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I read your comments re Ulead Video Studio 11 with interest. I had downloaded a 30 day time and I've been using it with some CG65 clips. However, I find it EXTREMELY slow to convert the H264 files to MPEG2 or DVD (and in more than one instance I received an error message after it churned away for a few hours).

What I have done is first convert the H264 files to AVI using MPEG Streamclip and then rendered with Video Studio. Streamclip does the H264 to AVI conversion extremely fast, and VS11 seems to render the AVI files about 100 times faster than H264. Frankly, I don't inderstand why and I can't really see any difference in the quality of the final product (whever rendered directly from H264 or after conversion to AVI).

Any feedback from would be much appreciated. I'm also going to try out your suggestion of cleaning up the noise with VS11.


Bob NG
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Hi All,

I jumped at the C6 when it first released.
My wife and I loved it cause we can take pictures/videos of our baby.

However, as many have notice, the low-light-still is a problem.

I use "Noiseware" (http://www.imagenomic.com) to reduce the noise in low-light picture. The result is decent prints if you can live with less details.

For more details/review of noise-reduction, take a look:

And to convert MP4 (or any videos), use "Super" Converter

Anyway, back to the camera. Beside the low-light-still, I also have the following problem with my C6, and wondering the subsequent generation have improved them:

1. Taking still picture. I've "mastered" the skill of taking pictures "pistol-style" but whenever I ask strangers to take a pic for us, they NEVER be able to do it. Even my wife (who has a year of training) still ruins a pic occasionally.

2. Auto-Focus speed. I heard it has dramatically speeds up, but is it still noticeable?

3. Low-Light-stills: How much are they improved?

I'm looking for an upgrade/replacement, not sure what to choose.
- I absolute need good video (and COMPRESSED video, can't live with MJPEG size video)
- Good low light still, as I don't want to flash my 1year old every shot I take
- not bulky

I think the Xacti series is still the only choice, but if anyone has experienced with the following, care to give me some ideas of how good are they relative to C6/CG65

a) Casio EV7
b) Sony DSC-T100
c) Fujifilm F31FD (Super CCD, supposedly low light stills are great!) NO MP4 video
d) Samsung NV10



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