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Am I right in that the newer Sanyo devices (and even other memory card camcorders) which can take 8GB and higher memory cards still use FAT32 with an individual file limitation of 4GB right? The reason I ask is that I purchased an external usb drive that I have decided to leave as FAT32 rather than reformat to NTFS since I can then use it on a Linux System as well. If the devices can't record above 4GB for an individual file then there won't be any real disadvantage to using FAT32 apart from cluster efficiency and performance perhaps, but that's not really too much a concern for storage for me.

If they drop in price enough, I may purchase a Sanyo hidef camcorder at some point in the future so it would be nice to know I could still use a FAT32 drive since there are no real reliable alternatives to share between Operating systems. I know Linux can read NTFS but I don't trust it's writing as of yet.

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Well, I got an 8GB card recently and discovered that if I try to copy a file bigger than 4GB onto it, Windows says something like "not enough room" or such. So you're right: no files more than 4GB.

On the other hand, at maximum quality it would take nearly 3 hours of non-stop recording to create a 4GB video file, and I don't think any battery available isstrong enough for that.
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