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- Hi all,

I have a CG65 which I have used for a couple of weeks and have noticed a strange blue mark in the middle of videos taken with the camera. The mark adds a blue tint to the centre of the image and seems to appear on videos that have a contrast of light and dark split across the screen ie sky at the top and ground at the bottom. The mark doesn't appear on photos.

Apart from this I have been very impressed with the camera


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Not sure,could beCCD bloom? (happens withall CCD based devicesin very high contrast scenarios, like when filming a bright light ina very dark scene, it can appear as bright lines on the video as oversaturated CCD pixels "bleed" into neighboring ones).
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Caelum - thanks. I will post a sample up tonight. Be interesting to see if that fits the bill.

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It's lens flare.

My CG-65 does it all the time. If it was overcast when you were recording you will see it more.

Just for fun sit in a room and focus on a lamp across the room (bare bulb). If you move the camera around you will see a blue and red gost image from the lens flair.

The CG-65 has some real lens flair problems. It is less if you zoom out slightly.

I have lots of footage with the flair.

Here is a samle of some flair. I have some better examples but I will upload them later.


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