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If it's happeneing with different SD cards- you have a bum HD1000- I'd return it for another- don't give up on the Xacti yet- it's great!!!
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SteveNunez wrote:
For anyone looking for clips shot with this camcorder, I've put together a page:

I'm really enjoying the portability and ease of use. All hand-held, shot at the Bronx Zoo in New York City, Dec. 2007
I think most would be surprised at the video quality at 720P60!
Have a peek~ http://stevenunez.com/xactihd1000/xacti.html

Note: This is an Mpeg-4 camcorder that uses the AVC X.264 codec which means it CAN be edited natively in many desktop editing programs (PC & Mac, unlike AVCHD!)
So does the HD1000 produce this type of quality??? Is it the fancy lens that's helping? Man I feel like I'm watching short clips of the discovery channel. Just curious. I'm really impressed by this. It's got me pondering returning the HD700 for a HD1000.

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Actually the Raynox lens slightly degrades image quality as does just about any add-on lens albeit slight in more expensive models. Anytime you add glass or filters in front of your camera's lens- there's a slight degradation in image quality.
The Raynox adds allot of fun into videography as the stock optical zoom isn't enough in certain situations and these add-on lenses really help to bring the subject into frame. When used with a tripod you can get really good footage with the Raynox 2.2HD lens add-on, most recommended!
I haven't used a HD700 but I can tell you the HD1000 has really surprised me. It's better than my old JVC HD10U which also shoots progressive in HDV format and costs $3495!!! The colors are better (accurate) and the video is sharp- what else can you ask for in a sub $700 HD camcorder!
The fact that you CAN edit the footage and not have to deal with transcoding AVCHD footage is a real plus. What good is having a current high-spec AVCHD camera is you'll end up transcoding into different file formats to edit that bloat the file size 4X or so......Sanyo's choice of AVC X.264 codec was good as it's easily editable by both Mac's and PC's alike.
This is a killer camera and until we can edit AVCHD footage natively in applications- I'll hold onto it for a bit!
(I admit the Canon HG10 and Sony CX7 have an edge in image quality and image stabilization but at the trouble of transcoding every clip into another format and taking a further image quality hit isn't an ideal solution for those wating to edit their footage!)
I wish Canon or Panasonic would make something along the lines of this HD1000- now that would be awesome!!!
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I am reading in this forum für weeks now and i must say, it is the best Sanyo HD1000 forum i know! Thank you for all information and endeavors to assist! Furthermore kudos to STEVE - great homepage!

For a long time i hesitated to order the HD1000 because it costsa lot of money, but now i am sure, the picture quality of the hd1000 is superior to the hd700 and other competitors in this price class! In daylight situation the results are very fine, when looking the videos on my Panasonic HD plasma TV! I always use the 1280x720 HD-HRresolution with 60 fps, works great! Only indoors quality suffers a litte bit, but low light abilities are really ok or acceptable! For it's size video quality ist fine.

BUT:I am a litte bit unhappy with the complete missing of a "wideangle", the zoom starts at 49,7 mm in video modus! That means there is absolute no wide angel! You have to buy a additional converter.How do you deal with this compromise? In a lot of situation i'm annoyed that the angle of view of the HD1000 is so narrow... shooting a group of people in a small room is not possible! Other camcorders start at 38 mm or 43 mm...

Second problem ist the permanent noise of the integrated micro, the backgroung noise ist very loud!

My questions:

1) Can i use ZOOM while installed this "x0,7 Wide Angle Converter" on the HD1000 or is the 27mm focal length fixed, as long i have mounted it?

@choavana - will using the original Sanyo Wide Angle converter lead to an noticeable degrade in video quality?

2) Will the firmware Update be affectively in lowering the distracting ground noise?

3) Has someone positive experience with the firmware update concerning autofocus speed (AF is here and there to slow) or picture quality?

Thank you very much!!

My conclusion: The Sanyo HD 1000 is recommendable - video quality, batterie life, usabilityand build quality (although a lotof plastic is used)is good! Ionly complain of the slow AF and in particular the missing of a wide angle inside the zoom lens!

Merry Christmas!
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Hi. With all the video samples about, I was just wondering if anyone had any Still image samples, or any comments on what the quality is like?

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Hello Steve and fellow HD1000 lovers.

This baby looks really promissing, have to test a lot and see what you all wrote before. Just for now some questions and who knows some newtips for you!

The 40.5 mm thread is annoying. No adapters here from 40.5 to 52 or 37 so. But I had a 34>37 ring and it fits perfect. Usedthree seconds glue andholds now my favorite 37mm Century Fisheye as you can see onmy Avatar. Just a tiny bit zoomend in no vignetting!

On top my best broadcast quality (DPA) microphone.Its lightweight, can stand some wind and also ideal for interviews. Read all about it: search Google for "TomRig".

With other new camera's its important on these groups you mention serial numbers or ask Sanyo representatives from which#an update isurgent. So new buyers can see if they get an older camera. Mine VPC-HD1000 bought inHolland/Belgium comes Ibelieve from Germanythis week and has # serial 214211XX So wonderwhat your are bought in US Canada and Australia. Does anybodyknow where the reienumber is on the camera? Not behind the battery as Canon does often. Only underneath the craddle Docking Station (PDI-HD1000) see one (215457XX) but # isdifferent to the camera # while the box to my opinion was not opened before!

Someone using Vegas8 for editing? With Vegas8 on my new FullHD VAIO up to now no problems. Results of editing back to tape i let you know later. Share some results please on VEGAS settings.

Regards and Marry Xmas


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can anyone make some clips of leaf in the wind (720p-60).

I did this with my cg65 and it need hight bitrate, so the quality is poor.

Hd 1000 can do this with good quality?

Bye, and Marry Christmas!!
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Nutellaboy wrote:
Second problem ist the permanent noise of the integrated micro, the backgroung noise ist very loud!

Finally somebody who has the same opinion to the recorded audio noise. Now i also tested only soundrecording with the internal mic. It's the same as in video.

DVC4EVER what do you think about den audio quality. By the way my Serial nummer is: Cam: model VPC-HD1000EXBK 224213XX, dockingstation:215526XX. I bought it in Autria, perhaps it came vom Germany. My cam-serialnummer is behind the battery on white label.

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Hi all,
i've watched some 1080i footage downloaded from the web and i was wondering if it's really 1080i? I've opened a captured screenshoot from a sample and opened it in a pictureeditor and it looks like 540 pixel upscaled to 1080 to me.
The attachment (300% view) shows this, the three points in the middle are painted pixel by me to show how "large" one pixel is.

Any thoughts?
Attached Images
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go to my website and u will see d sanyo HD1000 picutre quality.... www.jared3105.multiply.com
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