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I have had the Sanyo for some time now and it has become my favorite camera in many ways. The small size and good low light performance makes it great for inside B-day parties or small clips on the move.

I sold my Canon GL-1 3CCD camera some time ago. I had had it for around 3 years and I made about 20 tapes of vacations and such. I had all the tapes in a box and have only captured a few, most of the rest I was planning to capture with mybrother's cheap ZR65 camcorder. It fried when we hooked up the firewire cable so I needed a way to capture the DV tapes so I bought a slightly better model with a 1/3" sensor. It is a Canon Optura S1. The S1 does true wide screen.

So now I have three Cameras that do fairly good video. The Sanyo CG65 and a Panasonic DMC-TZ-1 and the Canon Optura S1.

I made a bracket to hold all three cameras so I could have almost the same frames to work with, it looked like this.

All have image stabilization, the S1 and TZ-1 both have 10x zoom and all are fairly small. The TZ-1 records in QT and can only record about 22min in wide screen on a 2 gig SD card at 843x480. The TZ-1 will not take a larger card. I tried a lot of ways to make a 4 gig work but no luck. A firmware fix would allow a 4 gig card but Panasonic never updates their consumer cameras.

I went to a duck pond on a clear sunny day and took some footage with all three cameras. The white goose was pecking me some and I had to put my 4 year old on the park bench and hold him at the same time as recording and trying to zoom all three cameras. The footage is not perfect but should give you a good idea of how the cameras work in bright light.

I re encoded all the footage with TMPGEnc MPEG encoder which has some filters available like image sharpening and noise reduction. The Sanyo footage has a lot of sharpening and noise reduction already so I left it alone. For the TZ-1 I added some sharpening and slight noise reduction. For the S1 I sharpened a little.

I made a DVD file so you can just burn it to disk with NERO and play the clips on a DVD player.

I zipped it up and hung it on our website. It is vary large at 869 Meg. A good high speed connection should not take too long.


The clips are labeled as to which camera took them. The first three clips are from the TZ-1 and then the S1 and then the Sanyo. Then there are two more clips from a grass field with my 4 year old running around. The first camera id the Sanyo and the second is the S1.

My main surprise is how much they look alike. I have not played them on my 130" HD projector but on an old SD TV they look really close to the same.

I will post some smaller clips of the original footage when I get time.

This is a much smaller file of the Sanyo at the Duck pond. it is 22 meg original footage.


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