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For me, watching it via the PS3,1080 feedwas SLIGHTLY sharper... SLIGHTLY.I had to keep rewatching the 1080 vs 720 clips though to finally notice. Once I sat in my couch (about 11' away), I'll be honest, I couldn't tell the difference at all.

Keep in mind though that I'm no video or audiophile. I don't have "professional" eyes. My 60" is also a SonyLCOS (Sony's version of DLP)... not a SonyLCD/Bravia. I don't know if that makes a difference.It's not calibrated or anything. I've been meaning to play with the settings since I got it a year ago but I just haven't had the time, especially since the factory settings have been good enough for me.

So from a non video/audiophile guy, difference is to the point where it's negligible (I don't watch things on my 60" XBR2 5' away to begin with). I'll probably be recording 720 myself, especially because the editing will be supposedly easier when compared to the 1080 feed anyway.

I just called B&H on lunch break today. They have more than 10 in stock they said. I'll be buying it with the 2 year extended warranty (the quote came to like$1000). Igot out of work early so I might be heading down there to purchase it today. Also oredered a new 2.4GHz laptop with 4GBs of RAM from powernotebooks.com for $2200. I still haven't even bought the Sony Vegas software yet. I am going to be a very very very poor man after this weekend.
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