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I am a former owner of an A-HD, after horrible video quality I'd decided to return it. Now I've been having my eye on the HD700 and after viewing many of the wonderful vids you guys have posted, I have but one MAJOR problem with the camera, the blurring that occurs every timewhen either the camera is panned around or subjects in it's view move about their business.

I can accept somedegrees of blur if let's say someone is running or a car is passing by, but it seems there is a great deal of blurring that occurs even when people are walking or the camera is panning at medium speed. I can't think of any case where I'll be using a camdorder where either I wont be panning it or the subjects will not be moving about. If this blurring is non-stop I'd be better off with a regular camera to just take pictures.

I've read that in sports mode, there should be less blurring, but have not been able to find any sample using this mode. Please if any of you could post something for me or just point me to a clip that is already posted, I'd be most grateful

That issue led me to check out the samples from the HD1000 which I have to say look way better at same 720P resolution. There's wayless burring when subjects or camera are in motion as Irandomly paused the videos at many intervals during motionand the overallpicture qualityseems much much sharper as well. But if by putting the HD700 in sports mode I can get a decent less blurry picture when things are in motion I would so much rather go for it and save myself some cash.

I appreciate everyone on this forum. Thank you for all of your great work.
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