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My HD700 should be here on monday and im looking at SD/SDHC cards as the internal memory on the camera is pretty low. I was thinking 8gb, capable of a 9mb/s write/read speed(with a good warranty), just have no idea what brand and size will work with the camera, that is also high quality.

Also, on the camera specs it says HD-SHQ is 9mb/s, I did some maths and worked out if the card is 8gb then it will only store around 15 minutes of footage. Is this 9mb/s before compression or what?

Cheers! :lol:

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You, my friend, are mixing up MB/s and Mb/s! One is MegaBYTES per second, while the other is MegaBITS per seconds. There is a big difference.

The camera's maximum bitrate is 9Mb/s or 9 MegaBITS per second NOT 9 MegaBYTES per second! This will give about 2 hours on an 8GB card. I have a 2GB in mine which shows 28 minutes.

If you could only get 15 minutes for an 8GB card then it would hardly be worth buying :-)

As to the SD card. You can use any speed card which is why it only says 'SD card' in the card type in the manual. Even the cheapest SD cards now will work fine in the camera. I am using a basic Kingston 2GB one in mine with no problems.
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