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It comes with some software- doesn't it work on the Windows side? Have you looked into Vegas?
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It comes with Ulead and Nero essential. Nero to play which does not work. Very jerky and stalls. Ulead for editing. IT does not edit or capture on blu ray or HD only DVD at very reduced quality. Ulead does not capture from camera has to be from Hard drive file only.

I have not looked at Vegas will seach that thanks

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The quality of the HD1000 is amazing, way beyond my expectations and I would say just as good maybe slightly better than my Sony HDV camera. The image quality is totally different to the earlier Sanyo models which were awful. The only slight problem I have with all these small cameras is holding them exactly level (viewing the footage on a plasma afterwards emphasizes a shot that it tilted to one side) - I wish that all digital cameras would have a digital 'spirit level' on the display! Anyway, the HD1000 is great, go for it!
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Hey guys,
I am totally new to the forum however I have been reading your posts on and off for the last few months. Thought I would get in on this topic as I am in the process of making the same decision. I have a real fear about buying another Sanyo product because at Christmas I was brought a HD2 and was really disappointed (my unresearched suggestion doh!). I mean don't get me wrong its nice and compact which is great but the HD image quality is awful. The images from the HD2 are overly compressed, overly saturated I feel and render very little fine detail.

So far I been impressed by the examples I have seen branded about from the HD1000, but then I was sold my last camera based on very selective footage. I have done my reading since Christmas and now feel I am better placed to make an informed decision. Everyone seems to rave about the HV20 and the footage I've seen over at stage6 looks really impressive. My question about the HD1000 is what is the image quality like with motion? My main concern is that why tripods are all well and good, I don't buy a camera with a small form factor to carry a tripod with me. So how does the 12 Mbps bitrate hold out when you decide to simply turn round whilst holding it?

Cheers guys
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As someone who owns both, make no mistake, the footage from an HV20 BLOWS AWAY HD1000 footage -- there is simply no comparison. That said, take a guess at which cam goes out with me more often? Yup, the HD1000.
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Could you tell me how much time it takes to transfer the video from Cam to DVD in High Def format for both Canon HV20 and HD1000.

Thanks...... As I'm in dilema which one to buy.

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