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so I am new here and I am sure glad i found this forum, i have been wanting to get out of my canon digital mini dv camera as its a bit bulky and i discovered two great high def cameras, the xacti and the aiptek.

today i went and looked at the aiptek and almost got it except for two things, one, the zoom was pretty poor, 3X is not much, and second there is no microfone jack to use an external mic, now i have seen a tutorial on here for adding a jack and that i could do easily but my question is this:

i can afford the xacti pretty comfortably but i like the aiptek price, my thinking is just cause i can afford the xacti why should i buy it if the aiptek is on par, so i want your opinions, which would you buy if you had the dough for either? i like that the xacti has image stabilazation and can be adapted for a wide lense but then the aiptek gets me with all the cool things you all say about it and its versatilty and the low price, so tell me in all fairness which is a better buy


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what models are you talking about (for both manufacturers).

I'll tell you what I've seen.
I was about to get an Aiptek GoHD or something like that, but after looking at online samples, I realized that there was no video buffer, which leads to wobbly images when there is a lot of horizontal movement.

I ended up getting a cheap SD Xacti (CG65) and I couldn't be happier.
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I have also shelved my Canon mini DVD recorder. Simply too bulky. I also have a Sanyo Xacti CG65 which I consider an excellent little camera/corder with very few drawbacks.

I recently bought the Canon TX1 for the 10X zoom. It is the best hybrid of them all, in my opinion. Compared to the CG65, the IS is better, the zoom is longer. However, the LCD is smaller (though adequate) and it costs more money. If you use the teleconverter features, you can get additional 1.6X or 1.9X over the 10X zoom. You also have HD video if that is important. I consider the HD as nice but not earthshaking. I do like the long zoom since I take annual trips to Yellowstone Park and like to video the animals.

In my opinion, if 5X zoom is all you need and you don't require HD, the CG65 is tough to beat. It has great handling characteristics and excellent image quality, both still and video. You will take good shots immediately. The in camera "editing" is also a nice touch.

The TX1 is a shirt pocket camera as is the CG65 but the TX1 is considerably heavier. It is built like a tank. The TX1 also has a memory gobbling video mode. You'll need a couple of extra 8GB cards. Battery life is only so, so, but extra batteries are cheap and just as good as the Canon original.
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i like the canon you mentioned but in the end i think i am going to go with the xacti, its a bit more money but i think in the end i wil get more use out of it, by the way i found this anyone know anything about it?

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Looks like a DXG DVH-566 (DXG 566V in USA).
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The DV DC is not in the same class as the CG65. It has no optical zoom and would compress far more detail out of video clips. On the other hand, if filming at night is important to you, it has an led for video. And mp3(?). Which the CG65 does not.

I have a CG65, and although I'm impressed with the technical quality of the video, I keep finding things I don't like about it. The image stabilization is quirky. Very quirky. The autofocus chatters away, and it's audible at low noise levels. If you lock the AF, the motion to do so is exactly something that evades the IS and even seems to be exaggerated. The IS simply can't cope when you use the 5x zoom. The low light performance is poor. And in extremely bright situations, like high above treeline in snow and bright sunlight, even the sunlight setting is inadequate to prevent an entirely blown-out image. It's difficult to operate with one hand and actually is easier to control with the left hand because you can rest the screen on your hand. It's also so small, with a tapered body and heavy top end, that it's the first hybrid I've ever dropped. Twice, in fact. (onto soft carpet and snow, fortunately). Slippery little thing. Still, if you can work around all these things, it can take impressive video. And the stereo sound is nice.

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Also, check out vimeo and search xacti and aiptek -- lots to sample....
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