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Firstly, this sight seems brilliant, and great reading. I'm a novice to the camara world so please excuse me for any lack of knowledge.

Here's the problem......I live in the UK and bought a CG65 two weeks ago online from UK retailer, it's great and suits my needs for taking holiday vids and pics etc. Fits in my pocket for easy amateur use.Have been experimenting in trying to make some dvds with not much success.

The mp4 vid files are excellent quality and look great played with Quicktime on my Sony Vaio. When I use Ulead 5.0 Movie Factory it seems to convert the mp4 file which was filmed at 30fps to 25fps. The result is aweful....jerky/grainy video, it looks darker than when played in Quicktime. Is it because I'm converting for British TV/dvd? Can I change the filming speed on the CG65 to film in 25fps? Would that make conversion quicker?

Are all CG65 around the world filming at 30mps......or has the retailer flogged me a USA version instead of a European version?

By the way.....It takes a LIFETIME to convert the mp4 files to dvd using Ulead 5 (took an hour to convert 4 minutes of video!). I have not got a clue what settings I should be using for best and quickest dvd making

Is there any software, free or to purchase, that can help a novice like me to make dvd's from mp4 h264 files? Sony's Click to dvd and Microsoft's WMM don't recognize the files (downloaded all the latest codecs etc.)

Would Quicktime Pro convert and make dvds? Your suggestions would be much appreciated

Thanks in advance

Tim P
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The CG65 records at 30fps no matter where you buy it, the best thing you can do is burn an NTSC (30fps) dvd instead of a PAL (UK) which is 25fps, the result will be fine then and most DVD players and TV will play ntsc now. You should be able to change the template to NTSC DVD somewhere in the software.

With regard to speed of conversion, if you leave covert to ntsc it should be faster and it also depends on your pc. Video rendering is processor hungry soa better pc will be faster, more ram etc. H264 files takes even longer than regular mp4 files.....

Download the trial of Sony Vegas 8.0 or even Ulead Videostudio 11 and see if they are better.

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Many thanks Turk, I'll try NTSC mode.....sounds a good idea. Are there any software tools that can speed up dvd making?....I keep seeing everyone raving about Mp4cam2avi on the internet. Is it any good, or more importantly, do I need it to make dvds quickly?

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Converting to dvd in NTSC mode worked a treat.....the picture quality was improved. I just need to find a way of getting those Mp4 h.264 files onto dvd quicker. (it still took an hour to convert five 30 second files to dvd!)

I have 1 Gb of Ram on my Vaio, so I should have plenty of 'juice' to do the job. On Ulead 5.0 settings, there is a drop down menu to do with Mbps.....ranging from 1500 to 9000. I set it at 2500. What's all that about?!

Any ideas from anyone on how to speed up convertion would be much appreciated.

Tim P
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As I noted in the hybrid forum, I experimented with movie maker software and H.264 files. I included stills from three different cameras, including the CG65. Plus video clips from a Samsung dsc, and a Digilife DDV-730.

Cyberlink PowerDirector Pro 5 ate these up with no problem, and rendered a .avi movie file with no problem. I didn't go the additional step of producing a DVD, and I won't be doing that for about another month.

The trick may be in getting the settings correct. Here's what I used for the .avi file:
24-bit True Color video
640x480 30frames per second
Xvid MPEG-4 Codec

Mpeg Audio Layer 2
44100Hz Mono 64Kbps audio

I use a 2-pass rendering method, although I'm not sure I need to. I'll be expermenting with the audio setting to see if I can preserve the stereo sound recorded by the CG65.

I have been unable to produce DVD's straight from PowerDirector, even though this commerical version is supposed to be able to do that. Instead, I use Nero to convert the .avi files onto the DVD disc. I think once you have the .avi files, the next step to DVD should not care where the original clips came from.
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