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I have just got my Xacti 700. I'm really pleased with the first few videos but the playback is really jerky when using the software supplied to view it on my PC (Quicktime and Premiere Elements). It plays fine in WMP as I have the right codec.

Anybody fixed the problem with QT or PE3? It's annoying as this is the default viewer although I realise that I can change it.


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I'll be totally frank... Apple's programming for their PC based software is horrible. Absolutely horrible! I know this comment will cause a lot of flap but I truly believe they intentionally code their software poorly for Windows systems so as use up more resourcesand make PC's *look* slower than Macs. Or maybe they simply just don't care to perfect theirPCsoftware. A perfect example is how even an Athlon XP 2800+ processor running at 2.08ghz with 2 gigs of ram still can't play iTunes downloaded videos withoutTONS of jerkiness yet the same machine can play a much higher resolution DivX orXvid file with a much larger file size. I don't know why it won't play fine in PE3 however as I've never used it.

That having been said the next question is what are your PC specs? Secondly, if the files play fine in Windows Media Player, as it plays perfectly fine for me as well, what is the reason for needing it to play in Quicktime? Do you have a project that requires it to be output in Quicktime?

And finally... your other option would be to bring the files into your editing software (I use Vegas and it's awesome for .MP4's) and covert the files to native .MOV files. I don't know if you'll need to convert to a different file type first then to .mov as I've never done it but I don't think you'll need to.

Best of luck.

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Thanks for that. I had come to the same conclusion. The reason I need QT is that PE3 appears to use its CODEC to run previews and to encode and process MP4's.

I will look up the Vegas software you mention.

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