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Trevmar wrote:
IMO use "soft" image mode on the HD1000, as "normal introduces noticeable sharpening. It will probably also enhance noise. "Soft" appears to be closer to the output from the CMOS sensor.
Hi Trevmar. This is interesting as I've read a review from some site, can't remember which, that also said their favorite mode was Soft. Does using that mode lead indeed lend to a softer looking image? I've always used it on Normal and am very happy with the sharpness of the video. Personally, I wouldn't want to loose the sharpness. Would you happen to have screenshots showing the difference? And does using soft only minimize pixelation or are there any other benefits? Thanks for sharing your findings!

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Rev, I would have posted my resolution charts, but have been busy editing up a job that has to be completed today. The sharpening of "normal" is done at the pixel level (it can be seen on the monochrome resolution chart images) and is quite distinct from the clean image you get from the excellent sensor in the HD1000. I prefer to do any mathematical image sharpening in post-production, especially since computational sharpening of an image usually increases noise, which will make the compression more lossy, and ultimately make it harder to reduce that noise with post-prod filtering.

But most of my video is at lower light levels, where noise is a key factor. YMMV...

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