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I hope this is not a repost. I searched "freeze" and "lockup" with no results in this forum.

A few weeks ago, I was recording video clips with my HD700. However, I ran into a problem like this:
  1. Start recording a video clip[/*]
  2. Record normally - doesn't matter how long[/*]
  3. Push the record button to stop[/*]
  4. Wait for video to write to SD card (red "working" light on)
  5. Camera locks up.[/*]
When the camera locks up, none of the buttons work. I can't even turn it off. I have to pull out the battery to shut off the system. The red "working" light stays on the whole time. When this happened the first time, it fried my A-Data 8GB SDHC card. I could not get my PC to read or write my card after this issue. I'm now afraid to use my other SD cards because of this.

Do I just have a defective unit? This problem happens intermittently. I can't reproduce it at will. This is disappointing because I don't really want to deal with Sanyo warranty services.

Anyone have this problem before?
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Hmm, actually sounds like it might've been the SD card going bad if you had the problem intermittently before the card fried.A lot of SD cards have had high failure rates; check out the reviews on Newegg.com. Did you ever have this happen with any of your other cards? If not I'd pickup a cheap 256 meg card for like $10 - $15 dollars and test with it.

**EDIT - nevermind. Just re-read your post and realized the card fried when you first had it happen. My bad.
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