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Greeting all,
Love the forum. Found LOTS of answers here aready.

Recently looked around the forum, but couldn't find anybody talking about this.

Has anyone had any luck tracking down (in the USA) a source for the Sanyo power adapters that can replace the E-1 (and compatible) battery (DB-L20).

The part #'s listed in the user manuals are VAR-G8 and VAR-A2.

If you Google for them, you find them in various places in Japan, China, Korea, etc... but NOTHING stateside.

So has anybody from either Europe or the US had any luck finding these ?

The goal is to use the battery-power-adapter when the E-1 is recording a conference or presentation (while on a gorillapod tripod and near a power outlet). That way I'm limited by the size of the SD card (2 hrs or so), and not the battery (~48 min).

If nobody has found one for sale, does anybody have any good ideas on hacking/MAKE'ing one ? I'm pretty handy with a soldering iron, but would prefer to follow in footsteps of other successful hacks. ;-)
I mean if I did it myself, it'll just look like a 'thin' rectangular block that needs power contacts which I could then wire to a Radio-Shack power adapter.
3.7 V rated at 720 mAh right ?


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