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I think lumaca75 is onto the source of the noise. In some situations my CG65 makes what I'd call a "fluttering" or "chattering" noise. I believe it's from the autofocus. If so, it would also depend on the subject matter relative to whether you have it set at spot, full screen etc. focus. Also, you should be able to stop it by locking the focus. It's worth testing, anyway.

I also have a Digilife DDV-730, with autofocus. It has no way to lock the focus, so it suffers both from a noise like this plus blurring as the autofocus hunts. and hunts, and hunts.

This needs some work, Sanyo. And even more so, Digilife.
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This may be off topic for this board, but I've got a CG9 and would like to use it as a webcam. I've got a Vista PC with a built in webcam but I'd prefer to use the CG9. The manual says to plug the camera into the USB and enter PC Capture. This does nothing as it is not recognized by the computer or Windows Live Messaging. The camera guide also says to go to the Sanyo website and download a program. However, the only program is for something that captures the computer image onto the computer.

Any suggestions?


Confused CG9 owner
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Just curious how you adjusted the video settings? I have on and I find my colors are all way too bright, not as realistic as yours came out. And my pictures all come out grainy even when I'm not shooting a video and it can use the flash. Any advice to get the most out of it? Indoor vids are a joke, but as a tiny decent outdoor video camera I like it's ability. And they are going for great prices these days, which is why I was tempted in the first place.
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