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I am in the process of choosing a hybrid camera. The criteria I'm looking for are:

- small size for portability

- smooth, crispvideo that can play on 16.9 HD LCD TV

- high enough megapixels for good still picture reproduction when enlarging pictures to 8"x10"

- good facial tones

- download, storeand play video clips on 3 yr. old PC. (2.8 processor, ATI Radeon 1300Pro video card, plenty of RAM

- waterproof helps (I'm a boater)

I have done alot of forum and tests result reading on both cameras.I understand that the HD 1000 is superior to the E1 in several ways.However, I have read alot of complaints of transferring and playing video recorded in 1080P and of it's slight bulkiness. I do not plan to do computer editing as I will do mostly in-camera editing so what I store in PC will only be for playback.

Could I record video at lower resolution (720?) on both cameras and have no problem watching it in 16.9 on tv with sharp image?

If so, will recording at this resolution make transferring, storing and playback more predictable on PC?

Although I know the E1 does not have facial tracking and does not record in HD, can it still give good 16.9 pictures on TV?

The E1's smaller size makes it able to fit in pants pocket--unlike the HD1000. This is a plus for me.

Any feedback on this comparison would be appreciated.
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The E1 doesn't recording video in 16:9, it only does 4:3 and the highest resolution is 640x480. I wanted a waterproof camera but these specs were no good for me. Plus it's only rated down to 5 feet or so. Instead, I got the HD1000 and will now be picking up this waterproof housing:


There's also this kit that saves a few dollars for buying both together:


This case is rated down to 150 feet. It is VERY expensive though!!!! I can't answer the rest of your question on the E1's quality as I've never personally used it.

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The e1 is not hd/16:9!
The alternative is the xacti hd700, same size as the e1, but with hd-720p/30fps 16:9.
Like the hd1000 it has the built-in editor and the xacti library feature as well, which is great when you are travelling or like to watch all the footage on an hd-tv.
I own both cams. The hd1000 is much better, but the hd700 is quite good for the amazing small size/lens (so small it fits in a jeans pocket!).
Sanyos 1080i is a little bit tricky, so I use to shoot mostly in 720/60fps with the hd1000, still a great quality and good to handle on my xp-notebook and the vimeo channel.
I uploaded a lot of footage straight from both cams on vimeo, compare it.
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