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As was said before Sanyo releases new HD cameras every 6 months. So, what is the next HD going to be like? It should be a replacement for the 1000 I hope.

Now Aiptek cameras are producing a great image in bight light, so it might be time for something a little better.

The main reason I did not buy the 1000, was the blue lens flare of death, that was evident in dark areas around very bright spots in the image (actually reddish in some directions). I did not like the 60fps with no 50fps, or the h264 compression at that data-rate. But I was willing to put up with this if I could get an icon free uncompressed 720p60 stream from the HDMI port, but the lens things was too much.

I am hoping for more latitude (4-8stops) better noise (4-8 stops) 18mb/s+ H264 of the compression technique that ambarella does, and lens aperture closer to f1:1 for depth of field and low light. Basically, a handheld HV20 or SR12 with 720p60/50 modes.
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Where my HD1000 fails by comparison to my Canon HV20 and my Aiptek Action HD is:

1. 40 minutes max continuous recording at 1080i and 55 minutes at 720p is laughable. Did you hear that Sanyo? - LAUGHABLE
(where is the HD-HQ mode of the HD700? Why did Sanyo remove it? Why do they still not open new files at the 4gig boundary?)

2. There is no audio level indication when you plug in an external mic. The HV20 does this well, by popping up a little level meter on the display. Even if Sanyo displayed an icon when the Auto Level Control kicked in, that would be better than flying blind, as it is now...

3. Video noise handling in the HV20 is better than the HD1000, Color saturation at low light levels is better on the HV20 by >1 F stop. Maybe the HD1000 can be adjusted, but there is insufficient documentation for me to figure it out.

4. The HV20 has 1440x1080 24p which works well at shutters of 1/12 and even 1/6. Freed from the constraints of the HDV format, shutter control on the HD1000 is abysmal. Why on earth does the HD1000 put out 30p video data rate when you have a 1/15 high sensitivity shutter engaged? That is lunacy.

Desirable features for HD1000 upgrades:
1. 24p shutter speed, and a consequent increase in recording time...

Even though the HD1000 has better optics and a better sensor than its competition the new Aiptek and DXG 1080p cameras are about to eat Sanyo's lunch, in my estimation. Sanyo needs to be working on a firmware upgrade immediately...

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I'm agree with you, MORE BITRATE!!!

I have had 3 Sanyo cam..............

Sanyo build many cams, from C-5 to CG-9, that substantially give the same video quality.

Sanyo in 5 years, was unable to make innovation, that really change the video,
and repeat the same errors, like autofocus noise that you can hear in soundtrack.

They walk around to the same point.

Ok, pixel mixture, h264, audio aac, ergonomics, pivot display,are all good things, but other cam, from other builders, for example Casio V7/8, have not Af noise and have double bit rate...(but also more sensor noise).It's simple,no?

More image resolution and frame rate are useless without adeguate bitrate,sensitivity,sensor noise,battery life......ect.

I wrote this, because i like the Sanyo's concept of hybrid camera,and hope that, at last, will borne a best camera.

From now to that future, no more money for a Sanyo's Cam.
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sandan wrote:
I'm agree with you, MORE BITRATE!!!
I agree as well. What I don't get is why the don't simply give you the option to use a higher bitrate. I mean... wouldn't a higher bitrate mean the processor would have to do less compression? That would mean the chip wouldn't have to work as hard. And being SDHC cards of class 4 or class 6 can easily handle the write speeds I can't see why they wouldn't include up to 18mbps or so bitrate's. Maybe there's something else to it that I'm unaware of.

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First let's admit we love our Sanyos. They are well constructed, unlike many other pocket camcorders. They can be carried in your pocket, but still take video and pictures better by far than VHS, minidv, Hi8, and I think the video is so much better to even good enough for decent frame captures. The sound is pretty good and they have 5 to 10 x digital zoom and lots of settings. Low light has gotten better with each generation and features have been added. The software is fair and better than what comes with most cams.

But we can hardly wait for the latest and the greatest to arrive. Me too. We want better free editing software. I have had a VPC1, aVPC5, aVPC6, and an HD2. I sold the 1 and 5 after a year for the next level. I still have the 6 and HD2. I like the 6 best do to its size and build. The HD2 is good but hard to carry in a pocket. The flash always pops up and I am afraid it will break. Also the lens cap falls off

I bought a HD700 refurbished and loved it but it came with missing and wrong parts so I returned it and all the refurbished prices went up $100. Since I have to cams, I am waiting for the next release in hopes it will be better.

I want software better than premere elements 3

I want sturdy (like c5 c6) pocketable build quality.

Good low light and a movie light or bracket or both would be nice.

I want to charge without the cradle. But keep it.

I want 10 X zoom. and good stablization.

Leave the settings but even better.

And a price below $500.

Thank you Sanyo for giving me so much fun and convenience. Oh and a better website with more tech support/info.

Is that too much?

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My Wishlist for an HD1000 successor...

- Higher Bitrate option(s) up to ~ 18mb/s

- Auto open new file at the 4gig boundary to continue recording

- Ability to focus manually WHILE recordingvia a dedicated control (i.e. focus ring, knob or other control)

- Full variable manual focus (not in step increments as it is now)

- Faster response in the auto-focus department

- Better control over external audio levels (Trevmar's level meter suggestion is a good one)

- Leave the other great featuresthis camera already has in place (i.e. mic and headphone jacks, metal tripod adapter, cold shoe, manual control, etc.)

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Information should be coming out sometime for the next 6 month release schedule, anybody hear anything?
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