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I noticed Sanyo recently provided a firmware update for the fun CG65 on their Japanese site. It looks like it addresses the issue with video corruption when directly uploading videos to web sites like YouTube.

Doesn't appear to beanEnglish page for it at the moment,only Japanese at this time, but I installed the v1.01 firmware on my CG65 and it worked fine on mine set tothe English language.

CG65firmware update page(in Japanese).

Direct link to the firmware download. The instructions are similar to the other Xacti models (place .bin firmware in SD card's root; with fully charged battery and while plugged in (powered USB host), power on (cancel USB menu if it appears),set to Playback mode, move the cursor to the Format menu option, hold thumbstick to the left for a few seconds, update firmware, wait until completed).But Caution: An improper firmware update will most likelybrick your camera (will no longer work). If you don't understand what you are doing, are simply not sure, would rather not take a risk, do not proceed with the update!
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Default will this change my sanyo language from Japanese to English??

I need to change mine to English..I"m not japanese..my jap is so poor. Please let me know if I install this will help change the menu language or not...

Thanks ton
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While the firmware update contains all languages, models that only show the Japanese language will still only show Japanese even after a firmware update. It appears that Japanese only models have something in hardware that prevent the user from changing the language despite them being available in the firmware... possibly Sanyo did this to avoid Japanese models from being exported worldwide before they are launched worldwide (grey market).

Still.. no harm in updating the firmware... it's the same firmware for cameras of the same model line DMX-CG65 or VPC-CG65.
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I must say that I used this firmware on my CG65 (US model) and everything remained pretty much the same (language and menus). I have yet to see any improvements on my videos :-) but I guess one can never go wrong with an official hardware firmware update.

Thanks Caelum
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