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I've got to play with HF100 and I can't decide if I want to keep it or not. HD1000 was my first video camera ever and I got used to its controls, so with HF100 I needed to readjust...

Today was the first trial day for HF100 and here my observations...

First the battery, while it has nice battery life counter I don't think I got rated 70 mins out of it. I only had about 10 mins of clips total for the whole day. That included a lot of zooming and putting camera on standby. HD1000 OEM battery lasted a lot longer

Focusing at tele end takes forever sometimes. While the camera doesn't exhibit any focus hunting issues, it takes a few seconds before it focuses at full zoom.

Size, ok I did say it's not that it's not much bigger then HD1000 in my previous comments but I wish it would be smaller, I think HD1000 is perfect sizewise. Btw, HF100 fits perfectly in HD1000 pouch.

Things that I noticed in HD1000 that LCD display is very dull (colors don't match the final result) and it's not as bright as HF100

During daylight both cameras seem to have identical image quality which is excellent. I performed some outdoor action tests to see if I notice any real difference in [email protected] vs [email protected] and they both seemed the same.

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Set the HF100 up in 24p mode. Going to the Canon's "Film Mode" will make all the difference to the colors. When you switch on the camera it should say "Film Mode" in the LCD. Note that this is not the same as Cine, you don't want Cine.

I have several BP809 batteries and get more than 90 minutes out of each of them. My BP819 gives me over 3 hours. No problems there. I have a Canon charger so that, when not close to a power point, I can refresh one set while continuing to take video with another. After the timer counts down to zero then the camera continues to time the battery, and next time you will have a larger projected life displayed for you

Never noticed any focus problem. Are you using the IAF mode? In multi-point mode? Do you have an extension lens or filter in use?

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Had full weekend to play with HF100 finally and I have some more pros and cons in addition to what I mentioned.

Builtin mic on HF100 outperforms HD1000

1080pfiles from HF100 seem to be a problem on myhome builtHTPC setup with AMD 2.4 X2 & 4GB Ram. Videois choppy and audio is out of sync. I have klite codec pack installed and not sure how to resolve this issue.

builtin light in HF100 was a nice to have feature in certain times, HD1000 doesn't have that luxury

standard Battery life is just too short. It seems to draw a lot of power on standby

Auto Focus is fine after I figured out that IAF was off. Still amazed how quickly it focuses.

Reviewing videos is very slow process, HD1000 performed faster
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