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I just bought a HD1000 and i was a previous happy owner of HD2.
I would like if possible to continue working with the HD1000 the same way
i used to with the HD2.

Basically I was using mpeg streamclip or yamb to join HD2 video clips then i used
to playback the resuling file on my PC or on my TVIX4100 (locally or via the network with the HD2 films on a synology DS107+ NAS).

With the HD1000, my idea it to film in 720P 60 fps mode which is excellent and use streamclip or mediacoder to join my clips.
During my first tests, the problem is that the playback on my PC is not fluid (Vaio Core2duo 1.83). Not good with vlc, but better with mediaplayer classic. (i installed coreavc 1.7). the main issue is during travelling (materal movement) scenes

The other problem i saw, is that the playback of the HD1000 files (720P 60fps) on the Tvix looks like exactly what i get on the PC (symptoms is during travelling or moving from right to left scene).
No problem if a read the same file on the LCD screen of the HD1000.

Is there anything i can do on my PC to improve HD1000 clips playback (720P 60fps) ?
The cpu is in général around 60% so i would except to have a fluid output.

Let's say i have no other choice than use the HD1000 to playback the clips on my TVLCD,
how to format and rename the clips produced my streamclip so when i put them on the HD1000 SDHC card, it can be recognised and played ?

I don't think i can do anything for my TVIX 4100 except maybe replacing it by a POPCorn or maybe a Tvix 6500 (has anybody tried to playback
720P 60fps files on these mediaplayers ?

Thx in advance for your help.
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Problem solved after reinstalling coreavc codec on PC, i am able to playback with WMP and mediaplayer in a quasi fluid way.
Regarding the Tvix 4100, i changed the output to autoEDID instead of 720P and now it is perfect.
However i cannot read the HD file from the network, i have to transfer it first on the Tvix.
Popcorn A100 or Tvix 6500 could provide better results (to be confirmed).
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