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I just picked up this camera. I used to have a Xact HD2.

The camera offers 3 main recording formats:

1080p60 (14 mbits) - I cannot view this properly on my mac. a H264 codec issue
1080p30 (12 mbits) - Looks good but some motion blur
720p60 (12 mbits) - I think this looks the best and movement looks better

The problem is id rather film at a higher resolution as surely its 'better'. The thing is, to me the 60fps 720p 'looks' better but then my monitor only goes upto 1600*1200 so maybe im just not seeing the benefit of the 1080p material?

I have a 1080p TV and to be honest, they all look awesome especially 1080p60.

Any advice?


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The 1080 mode is sharper looking than 720. The 720/60p though has more lifelike motion. What I do is I record just about everything in 1080, since I prefer the higher resolution, except for fast motion scenes. So whenever there is something with a lot of motion goingon (ie. sports, my dogs running around, etc) I switch to the 720/60p mode. It's all personal preference though.

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your spec is wrong. it is 1080i @ 60fps and 1080p @ 30fps. I did not buy this for the interlace reason. I record everything @[email protected] and up convert to [email protected] and the videos look way better. I use special algorythms to enhance the look and upscale lossless.

Recording 1080i is a waste of time and energy. Presents more artifacts and looks terrible.
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What software do you use to up convert?
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crazy! I just asked in the forum if anybody wants to know how I do it and you posted here. I have a thread I started about video tutorial on converting it and nobody wants to know. What I really want is a camera that does 1080p @60fps or even 100
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