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Cresho wrote:
I think there was too much black over taking the picture. It took the black and as if shades of gray disappeared. I think it was a bit overkill


the above link is what i use to calibrate high definition monitors and regular pc monitors. I never modify from the graphics cards gamma. this is the improper way. it needs to be calibrated from the monitor itself. I hope this helps. THis way, i can see exactly what you are seeing. Fixes all shades and colors

In reality, I only use it to fix the brightness and contrast, the colors I leave alone. Also, you can see how well your monitor performs vs all shades and light of the spectrum as well as how your monitor uses pixles (if it is truly pixle per pixle. Interesting stuff.

Depending how you used the xacti, it grabs the whole scene and makes use of the environment to correctly balance light and shade. Sometimes, like in this picture, reducing brightness or increasing the contrast will offer a better look. I don't think together works out. check out the link and most lcd do not need calibrating, sometimes they do.

just check out the "black section, white balance, and gradient" if you see banding, then you know your monitor needs an update."
ohh darn! I just realized my monitor was not calibrated. I tried looking at it again but i think it still too dark in the black areas. I couldn't get my monitor to display all the shades of white or black from the monitor itself. I was able to get it from my video card but then this screws alot of things up. This test tells me my monitor is not able to display all shades of black or white in the very low or high bandwidth. Still great though!
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Thanks Cresho for that link, I used to have a similar link a few years ago but lost it. I think you are right it is still a bit dark in the dark areas. I don't know though if it is more a restriction of the camera, I did notice in one review that they thought the HD1010 had a problem in very bright conditions getting a balance between dark and light areas.

Regarding editing videos, especially in regard to the quality of the video, I think I have to be careful to spend more time on capturing the emotion of the video rather than trying to capture the perfectly exposed video which 90% of the people won't even notice. :-)
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I got my brand new HD1010 ten days ago, and I think it's a neat little hybrid camcorder. I was looking for a camera case and decided on Case Logic Digital Camera Sling XNDC-58 http://www.caselogic.com/digital_cam...modelid=126777
My camera fits snugly in it, and it also has some pockets to store battery, card, etc. I can even slip in my mini tripod in it. The case has a shoulder strap and doesn't look flashy.
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