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I have been doing a test on what would be the best settings to upload my videos to Vimeo.

I started with a 1920X1080p 30fps video out of my HD1010.

I used Avidemux and Quicktime using settings suggested by Vimeo to downsize the video to 1280X720 as this is the largest size that Vimeo produces and just uploading the original full sized video to let vimeo resize the video.

The results to my eye are pretty much all the same. They are not as good as viewing the original downsized videos on my computer but very very close.

I may do a similar test using original 1280X720 30fps to see if it looks better when it doesn't have to be downsized when it goes to vimeo. Although seeing as though I want to record all of my videos at the highest settings my camera produces I can't see myself using 1280X720.

Bottom line people I think for web videos sent to Vimeo you could save yourself some time and effort by just uploading your original videos and let Vimeo do all the work.

Here is a link to the three videos, see if you can see enough difference to make the extra work worthwhile. Make sure you view the video at full screen with scaling off (scaling control is on the upper right hand side of the screen at full screen.)

Original resized by vimeo

Original resized by Avidemux

Original resized by Quicktime Pro 7.5



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I spent days trying to upload a long (30 minute) HD video to Vimeo. The MP4 file was about 150meg. I tried B frames, no B frames, everything... Vimeo kept blowing up. Eventually I exported it in WM9 (don't vomit) and Vimeo took it fine then....

Their Quicktime handling is Mac compatible. Forget about any standards compliance. They don't know anything about 'video standards...'

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