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Hi Sanyo afficiandos!

Does anyone have any advice on why my computer is playing every one of the mp4 files created in such a way that the audio comes about 2-3 frames ahead of the video?

When played on the camera or on the computer with VLC player, it plays perfect. Yet with quicktime, windows media, or adobe premier it is out of sync.

It seems like others have such problems, but I haven't really seen how any resolved the issue completely.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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There are many reasons such as Hardware, Software, Operating system, even standardization of decoding/encoding of such codec with time stamps. We will see this problem until it becomes more standardized. In linux, I also use vlc but for the only reason of viewing my videos. Totem player, mplayer, xine player also has problems with such files that have been re-encoded. The original xacti files minus 1080i playes just fine on all players. I know in windows, It was the same issue. We will just have to wait until a more standardized offering is available but for now, keep your originals in a good place. When I encode my stuff, I usually bring down the resolution to something lik 480p and thumb drive it to family members who want to see the files on lower end pc's or macs or make a dvd and ship it to them. So far, these methods have not failed me.

on a different note, you can create these files in virtualdub and add a delay at start for video or audio so they will play in sync. Of course, always keep your original xacti videos and never discard them.
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This is a well known problem with many digital camcorders recording to MPEG-4 format (not only Sanyo). VirtualDub can do the trick but it is not very user friendly for amateurs. This program called MP4CAM2AVI is much better for the job:


Read the instruction under "User Manual" --> "Right Pane" --> "Advance Options" --> "Target AVI file Options" --> "audio preload"

The default value of 500 (milisecond) is usually good to adjust the video lag, but you can adjust this value.

The major function of MP4CAM2AVI is to convert the MP4 video format to more popular DIVX (commercial but identical to the free open source XviD) format. Many DVD players can play DIVX video nowadays. This program also has many other functions such as clip joining and cropping.
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