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I am very happy with my HD2 for my own, general purposes. However a relative wants me to shoot their wedding, and I am not confident that the HD2 will cut it.

I shoot with pro cameras for work but unfortunately since the wedding is overseas I can't borrow any of them. Nor - because it's overseas - is hiring really an option: there just won't be time there and it would cost too much do to from here.

So I am considering getting an HD1010 but I need to know if it will be worth it. I will be using a tripod but I won't be using any lights (however obviously I will try to film as much in brightness as I can, though churches are generally dimmer inside).

Can anyone give me any idea if I will really notice a dramatic and worthwhile improvement of picture quality with the HD1010? The HD2 is nice but when you look at its output full screen, it is somewhat blurry and blocky. It's best in absolutely brilliantly clear sunlight, but I can't guarantee that in the Northern Hemisphere in October.

EDIT: can't edit the title, but I meant 1010 not 101 obviously
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THe quality of the video itself I cannot comment on but I can say that 60fps and 30fps is like night and day.

Your camera has a 1 hour battery life on shd mode.
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If you have a tripod, why would you want to use the sanyo? why not get something better, the Canon hf10/100, or Sony's will probably blow the sanyo away. I also have the Sanyo hd2 andreally its agood mp4 shooter for home-video footage, but for a wedding, cant see it;

The purple streaking in bright light etc makes it a bit distracting

Need good light

AF is a nigtmare, so you'll need to focus lock

Definatley need a tripod, stabiliser

Not something for a wedding imo and you have very little creative control over the sanyo! p&s pretty much.
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I think the HD1010 would actually do quite a decent job on that wedding.

The low level light issue has been addressed and in low light conditions the picture quality is more than acceptable. Ill try and upload a video to my vimeo channel showing the bast difference between my HD1 and HD1010 in the same room on auto settings!

If you are using a tripod that negates the somewhat dodgy stabilzation that the camera produces.

All depends on your budget really!
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