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I just got an HD800 today. I paid about $300 for it here in Japan. These are my impressions, but I should point out I've only ever owned 3 video cameras - an 8mm, a Canon IXY-M mini DV camera, and this one. They've just been used for family videos.

The HD800 is a step up in video quality compared to my mini DV camera. I've only videoed indoors with the new camera, and with bright light coming in through the windows. The fact that it fits in my pocket means I'm much more likely to use it. I looked at the other SD video cameras out there, and I'm guessing they're better, but at $300 bucks I think this will hold me over for a couple of years.

One problem I've run into is my computer doesn't handle the HD files very well. I'm running an AMD 780G board with only the onboard graphics card. At the highest video settings on the video camera, I get a stutter. I've temporarily 'solved' the problem by using the DIVX converter than comes with the divx codec to convert the file. It then plays back smoothly, with a slight degradation in quality. (And the file size for a 20 sec vid dropped from 20MB to 3MB)

I was planning on getting a half decent video card this Christmas anyway - hopefully that will solve the video problem and I won't have to convert them. Burning to DVD (using Nero Vision) also gives smooth video.

... David

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Old HACer wrote:
Grunchy wrote
I wonder if this was designed by the same guy who limited the Betamax format:?
There is a limitation set by customs duties into the EU. Any camera which takes HD video longer than 30 minutes has to pay a higher tariff as a "camcorder." Sony is obviously trying to protect its camcorder product range, however...

I use Kodak pocket cameras to supplement my two Canon HF100s. They have 30 minutes max HD recording, optical image stabilization. The smallest one, the V1073, is quite tiny, yet takes stunning HD video. Mono audio only, though. The Z1012 takes stereo.

I often wish I had kept my Sanyo HD700 - except when I look back over the clips it took - very narrow angle of view, poor image stabilization, noisy in dark environments. Sigh...

To see what the Kodaks can do, take a look at this clip. You can tell which was recorded with the Z1012 as the sound in that section is in stereo. Mono audio means that the clip was from the V1073 at that point...


If I need to record for a long time my Canon HF100s record continuously for 2hr 50min on a 16Gig HD card without even needing a battery change (BP819 extended batteries).

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