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Hi all,

Ive just bought an HD1000 to use for my work within skydiving. I now discover that the camera switches off if the screen is closed which it has to be when side mounted on my helmet. I know that if the screen is turned 180 deg then it will stay on for 1 minute but this is safe for the screen and isnt long enough record time toi video the whole skydive.

Is there a software solution or any other answer.


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Hmm, mine stays on and records for longer than 1 minute when the screen is flipped 180 and closed.

I'm at work, so I can't check right now if there's a setting somewhere for that.
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Flipping the screen is going to be the last resort as it leaves the screen open to damage and when skydiving it can get a pretty rough environment especiall when having to stick your head and camera in the way of a spinning student while trying to catch them.

Could there be a software hack or anyone know where the switch would be inside the screen hinge.
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relate2 uses a hd1010 and he has no issues with this version when he hang glides for long periods of time.

try this for the flip screen problem.
menu button->bottom tab "menu option 3"-> batt:rec->10 minutes and hit set "hit center" to set time to 10 minutes.

how long are your dives? remember that with the hd1000, your camera has a one shot of 4gb then it stops...i think but if you have files of more than 50 minutes and under 4gb, a second file is generated for continuous recording. Normaly, I still have to do some test, you get a 45-55 minute video per single file depending on subject for [email protected]

Once you hit record. Your video will record for the allowed duration of more than 40 minutes. experiment with focus as well. If you expirience focusing issues during a dive, i suggest you lock it by creating a shortcut in option 2 menu under "shortcuts" use up for locking and unlocking the focus. do nut use full automatic which is the button ontop. It is something that I don't like and I'm sure you will hate as well.
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