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Hi everyone, I have been through many threads on this board, and just want to make sure I read it correctly. After aggregating all the messages, is it safe to say that either the 1000 or the 1010 don't really take good quality still pictures?

I tend to shake my hand a bit, therefore, I just want to make sure that both models will actually be able to perform the "anti-shake" like a normal anti-shake found on a digital camera. Could someone help me out? Thank you.

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Here is a link to some photo tests I did with my HD1010 to give you an idea of the still photo quality. To my eye the stills are more than adequate for my picture taking. Is it as good as my Sony H9, no. but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality.

Regarding the eledtronic "anti-shake" (image stabilization) it is not as good as optical image stabilization. Again until all this technology advances to the next level there are always compromises to be taken.

It still amazes me though to have a full HD video camera that can take up to 7 frames/sec stills that fits in the back pocket of my jeans.



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Hi Robert, thank you so very much. It seems like these pictures look great! Thanks!
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The picture quality is a little better than with the HD1000. Outside in full daylight is pretty good. Here's some a snapped last night on full automatic. Most are good, one came out grainy for some reason. This was at the lighter side of dusk outside.


I really wanted a single camera that would handle all still and video for me, but I'm thinking about getting a slim dedicated still camera, as the Xacti just doesn't cut it in certain situations. I had the HD1000, too. I'm thinking one more version and it will be pretty good. Based on my research no other camera does as well, either.
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After nearly two thousand photos on my HD1010, I've decided that the pictures are rather crappy in comparison to my old point and shoot (Sony T100). The colors are muted, whites are usually blown out in outdoor scenes. Shots at night are not very good, the image stabilization is not very good, flash is very weak, or sometimes too strong at close distances. The camera also has focus issues at times.

I've had relatives comment on the number of crappy shots the camera produces with only a handful of good ones. I have been able to take a few really good shots, but my P&S does way better with more consistency.

I'm still waiting for something better to come along that does both HD video and OK photo quality. I want to carry only one device so I'm compromising with the Sanyo for now.
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