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Don't know if this has been mentioned yet but the camcorder now has an in-depth review of the Xacti HD1010 and has a lot of good things to say about it. A very tempting Christmas gift for myself.

Well it censored the link, didn't know we couldn't post links like that.

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Maybe because that website and review don't work. On my computer it's just an empty shell and mess of attempted advertising links.
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Yes they finally gave a Sanyo a good video rating yet they still managed to get in a dig about build quality. If you read all their past reviews for Sanyo products, you can see they are very biased against them in their comments. As to the poor build quality, when I tried out the HD700 it certainly seemed as well built as any other manufacturer and my Sanyo C40 is certainly well built.

They also complain about the menus on the Sanyos. I never had a problem with mine and I have to say that I find the menus on the Canon Digital cameras are not particularly great either.
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Actually, they were remarkably generous, if you look at the color balance and sensitivity data in detail. The Sanyo doesn't even stack up to last year's Canon HG10, let alone the superb Canon HF100.

I sent my Sanyo HD1010 back, and opted for two Canon HF100 and sundry Kodak pocket cams instead. Occasionally I get pangs thinking I was wrong, it's just that the HF100s never let me down.

As for menus, well, if you close the HD1010 screen while recording, the Sanyo switches off, while the HF100 stays recording, but blanks the (folded) screen to save power. The other advantage of this is that it makes it less obvious you are recording. So you can leave the HF100 alone on a tripod for 2hrs 50 mins at 'full' (1440x1080) quality and not touch anything... Its a nice way to record events without making oneself obvious. And, unlike the HD1010, the HF100 doesn't adjust focus or exposure needlessly.

Normally, Camcorderinfo slams camcorders which are no better than the HD1010. I wonder why Sanyo got the benefit of the doubt this time?

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The more reviews I read, the more confused I get. I originally wanted the Sanyo HD1010 or the Canon HF10, then the Canon was more recommended than the Sanyo. Then after researching some more, I decided to go with the Canon HG20. I am new to all this, am I making the right choice going for the HG20 over the HF10 and HD1010? Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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"Normally, Camcorderinfo slams camcorders which are no better than the HD1010. I wonder why Sanyo got the benefit of the doubt this time?"

Maybe because it is a good little camera for the price. Is it perfect no, but it cetainly works for me.

If you want to shoot with the LCD closed just fold the screen out, turn the lcd off and it will run till the battery goes flat and no one will know you are shooting video.

EDIT+++++> Trevmar, my sincere appologies, it appears that the shortcut that says Display ON/OFF refers to the information on the display not the display itself.

One thing I noticed in the review that he said it is too bulky to fit into any pocket, obviously he did not try it in a back pocket. It fits perfectly into the back pocket of my jeans.

They seemed to mention that you could set the shutter speed manually when using video. How would this work when you choose say 720p @60fps and yet set the shutter speed at say 500/sec? Does the camera take 60 frames each at 500/sec. This may open up some leyway for my hanggliding movies when I start to do aerobatics for smoother movement when the scenery is going past very quickly.

I think it was an excellent review and I leaned a few new things about the camera.
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Video camera shutter opens and closes in 25 or 30 times per second (PAL or NTSC) with 50i or 60i only field is opening and closing, so if you have more shutter speed you have sharper video image, not so much blurring, but if you have sharper frame you have more stuttering or jerkiness in video. Motion blur is smoothing consequtive frames, it isn't always bad thing if you want to look smooth video. Even better would be taking video in 60 frames per second and using perhaps 1/250 shutter, so you could get little bit motion blur and still get quite sharp frames, it could be good compromise between motion blur and jerkiness. Using slower shutter speed has also other advantage it gives more light to your video, so if you have to shoot in dark environment use slower shutter speeds.


Sanyo HD1010 review was great indeed, I really need good pocket size hybrid and Sanyo seem to be offering that. It lacks things like OIS and maybe ergonomics isn't suitable for someone, but this camera offers so many other things in small package. I was seriously thinking buying Canon SX1 or Canon HF100, but they both lack being proper hybrid so I am probably buying Sanyo 1010 when it is available here.
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Thanks Quenaelin for the information and the link. It certainly gives me ideas about how to make my hang gliding videos smoother. I think as you said 1/250 shutter speed could be a very good compromise.

One thing I thought though is the faster I make the shutter speed the wider the apperture the camera will choose and the smaller the depth of field I will get.

Does anyone know of a program like exif reader and gspot that will give me the shutter speed, apperture and iso readings used in my videos?
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Was ae lock available as a shortcut in the hd1000? or is it a new feature, didnt realise you could lock exposure, nice feature, especially as a shortcut. Now you can lock exposure zoom in and lock focus. very good.

If only( I know, if only) they'd added an is lense, do you think the image stab is that bad even with digitlal, seems as if they didnt even have it switched on, have sanyo really dropped the ball again with image stabilisation?

Overall though, makes me want one.
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