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FYI... I just noticed that youtube is now doing HD video with unlimited uploads (up to 1gb files each).

There is some discussion on the Vimeo forum:


Sample video someone mentioned:
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They may have HD available but my experience uploading the same video to Vimeo and Youtube the quality of Vimeo is much better than Youtube.

edit====> I just had a look at the video and I tell you I would love to know what codecs they used to render that video it looks stunning. I have a feeling it has more to do with the video than it does to Youtube.
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Well I finally go the low down on that stunning video. No need to feel too much envy all you Sanyo video camera owners that is unless you have a spare $45,000 to buy the camera that shot the video.

I will say though I am surprised that the original video makes such a huge difference when it comes to being compressed for the net.

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I uploaded some Sanyo HD1000 footage for a youtube test. I was pleasantly surprise by the quality.

I still need to figure out how to optimize the encoding.

The footage was encoded using Quicktime Compressor
H.264, automatic bitrate, 30 fps (shot at 60fps), best quality, keyframe every 30 frames, frame reordering = on, deinterlace footage.

I tried using a constant bitrate of 50000 (randomly chosen number to give me a file under a gig) and the results appeared the same as the above link.

The shots are a mix of static, panning, zooming, etc. just to see what youtube can handle.

Let the video load all the way before watching. Also, if you upload a movie in HD, the quality of a "normal" view suffers. It looks like crap.


--- J
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WOW! That looks great! Must be nice to live in paradise!:lol:
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